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Develop self-belief and choose your path in a mindful way

We’ll help you to identify your unique strengths, values and passions and develop your confidence so that you can pursue your own business or a career that is meaningful to you. We specialise in working with people who are ready to transition into their own small business and anyone who wants to live a more mindful and purposeful path in life.

Our coaching can help you

  • Identify your unique values and strengths
  • Discover a greater degree of self-awareness and self-belief
  • Feel confident to start your own creative or wellness business
  • Gain clarity about your direction
  • Create a life and a career that has purpose and meaning
Clare Bowditch, Big Hearted Business

‘I absolutely adore Kate. She is a highly skilled, generous and enormously gifted business coach, especially for those who don’t traditionally consider themselves “business people”. I discovered her through sheer luck (thanks Google), and I remain sincerely grateful for the counsel she offered me back in 2010 when I was first fleshing out the bones for what would become Big Hearted Business. Thanks Kate!’

Clare Bowditch, Big Hearted Business

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