about our coaching clients

Kate’s coaching clients are people who know how to fit into mainstream culture, but sometimes feel that there’s something missing in the traditional version of success.

There’s a good chance you’ll enjoy working with Kate if you share some of these qualities.


  • value the idea of living a mindful and purposeful life.
  • sometimes feel ‘different’ to other people and might describe yourself as an introvert.
  • have an interest in understanding yourself better.
  • feel that it’s important to make time to discover your true path in life.
  • want to feel confident to be the ‘real’ you.
  • don’t value the accumulation of material possessions as the only important thing in life.
  • are interested to define your own version of success.
  • value flexibility and freedom and being able to do work you love.
  • love travel and exploring and learning about different cultures.
  • feel a connection with the word ‘creativity’ even if you don’t actively pursue a traditional creative interest.
  • would like the opportunity to give back to society at some point in your life.

For more specific information about how we help clients, read through some of our case studies here.