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About Kate James

Kate James offers career, business and personal coaching as well as mindfulness workshops and retreats.

What got me into coaching?

In my mid-thirties, I had a career crisis of my own. After several years of research (and a couple of false starts) I began to learn about my innate strengths and I started to explore how I could combine these strengths with the things I loved. In 2002, those insights led me to start my own business where I am now work as a career, business and personal coach. Nearly fifteen years later, I still wake up every day to a job that I totally love.

I work with people who are navigating their own way through career, business and life choices and who want to discover, as I did, the path to a meaningful life.

Who I work with

My clients are people who feel like I did back then. Many are introverts, some say they suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’, all are creative (even if they haven’t discovered how to express that yet) and all care about living with purpose.

My coaching style is insightful and practical

I’m a low-key kind of coach. I’ll help you get motivated but not in a high-fiving ‘ra-ra’ kind of way. My approach is often described by clients as intuitive, insightful and sometimes even spiritual but I believe in bringing all of these concepts together to create practical, workable action steps that will have a genuine impact in your life.

The work I value is in the fields of mindfulness, Positive Psychology, ACT, creativity, authenticity and neuropsychology (some of the authors I love are noted here).

Have a read of a few case studies to find out how I’ve helped other clients.

My purpose

I help people believe in themselves. I believe that everyone is creative and has a unique set of gifts to offer the world. I’m also passionate about teaching people to live more mindfully – it’s from this place that you discover a genuine sense of inner harmony.

It’s also important to me to make a difference in a more significant way by contributing my time and a percentage of income to causes we’ve been involved in.

When I’m not working

Every day, I make time to do something I love (other than work). I meditate daily and exercise often. I love walking, yoga, writing, taking photos, growing my own herbs, cooking for my family and friends, reading and hanging out with Chris, my partner of 30 years and our adult daughters.

In the press

I am often invited to speak in the press, on radio, on tv and for business about creativity, balance, meditation, mindfulness and stress. You’ll find some examples of my press here and information about my speaking gigs here.

You’ll find my meditations on these apps

I’m one of the meditation teachers on the incredibly popular Insight Timer meditation app (where my meditations have been listened to over 80,000 times!) and I am the teacher of the foundation series on the Simple Habit meditation app.

My credentials

I have gathered more than 4,500 hours of career, business and personal coaching experience over the past 14 years and have been meditating for over 20. I was one of the first Australian coaches to achieve PCC accreditation with the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2005. Download my professional bio here.

My clients

I have spoken for The Body Shop, University of Melbourne,  Freehills, Middletons, Mallesons, Bolle, IBM, Aviva, Coles Myer, CSIRO, Macquarie Bank, ANZ, Clemenger, Ogilvy, Department of Transport,  Department of Sustainability & Environment and Brotherhood of St Laurence (amongst many others).

What clients say

Still have questions about career, business or personal coaching?

If you still have questions about the way that I work, or about coaching in general, you might find the answers on our frequently asked questions page. Download my professional bio here.