Our personal coaching sessions are all about helping you to discover a sense of self-belief so that you feel confident to pursue your version of a well-lived life and discover a career that you love.

Our personal coaching programs can help you to:

  • Improve your confidence and self-belief.
  • Create a vision for what you’d love from your life.
  • Understand your unique values and strengths.
  • Connect with like-minded people and create relationships that fill you with joy.
  • Manage stress more effectively and develop a greater sense of inner calm.
  • Improve your health and wellbeing.
  • Understand about the importance of self-care and prioritising time for yourself.
  • Create a healthy relationship with money.
  • Discover new creative interests (even if you don’t feel particularly creative).

Who is your personal coaching for?

Kate’s clients are people who know how to fit into mainstream culture, but sometimes feel that there’s something missing in the traditional version of success. You can read more about Kate’s ideal client here.

How does it work?

We start with a single introductory one hour session. After your initial session, Kate will recommend the best way forward. For some clients, one or two sessions will suffice and for others, a three or six month program is best.

Sessions are held either in-person at Kate’s home office in Elsternwick or via Skype or Facetime.

Coaching programs include telephone and email support between sessions and access to additional free resources (reading material, guided meditations, recommended reading etc).

Single session

1 x 60 minute session tailored to your needs.
Fee: $295

Three month program

3 x 60 minute sessions to identify your values and strengths, gain clarity about your life direction and build self-belief and confidence.
Fee: $850 

Six month program

6 x 60 minute sessions to identify your values and strengths, personality profiling, gain clarity about your life direction, uncover limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, create your five or ten year plan and build self-belief and confidence.
Fee: $1,650




More questions?

Contact us for a copy of our brochure with more info, check out our frequently asked questions or find out more about Kate James and the clients she usually works with.

What Kate’s clients say

‘Having received Kate’s monthly newsletters for a couple of years now, I felt the ideas and perspective Kate expressed resonated with me and felt she was someone I could trust. I have held mixed feelings around life coaching in general, as I am a gentle person who does not identify with the ‘ra-ra’ hype associated with some forms of coaching, but I knew I was keen to explore some ideas with depth and felt Kate’s approach and insight would be the right fit for me.

Kate had such a delightful way of coaxing hidden truths from me, by gentle questioning and intuitive perspective. I came away feeling lighter and more open to the possibilities ahead of me. For the first time in a long time, I was excited to identify with unrealised strengths, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by them. Overall, Kate helped me achieve a greater sense of inner harmony, with plans in place for future growth, as well as further life coaching sessions to build on what we had uncovered during early sessions.

I would highly recommend Kate to anyone interested in gaining perspective at a deeper level, but also needing the practical tips to follow through on goals and ideas.’ Louise, Melbourne

‘It has been a privilege and joy to have had  Kate James as my life coach. It has helped me to articulate a vision for my life that is truly meaningful to me and has given me the tools and guidance to move towards it. Kate is calm, kind and compassionate and her advice has helped me turn a difficult corner in life that I could not see my own way around. Thank you Kate.’ Caroline Cull

‘My work with Kate has brought home the importance of knowing what I value in life, and of working out how I can live accordingly, at work and at home. Kate’s keen perception meant that I felt understood. And her experience with many clients helped me to realise that many people feel like me, and that I am part of a valuable sector of society. This realisation has given me more confidence in myself, and a sense of optimism about the future that I was lacking before. Thanks for your professionalism and humanity, Kate.’ TJ, Melbourne

‘Kate neither sat passively as I spoke nor droned on from a list of well-rehearsed questions.  Instead she was a logical sounding board of guidance who respected that I could know what I wanted, and what direction to take, but could not find the way to a conclusion by initial self-reflection. I ultimately withdrew from my thesis and scholarship (that I had pursued for years), and started up a business teaching the English language to international students.  Now I am in love with my life ‘. Sandra, Melbourne

‘I have been working with Kate for approximately six months and I cannot put into words what an inspiration and impact Kate has had on my life, decisions and outlook in general. I have been going through some very major changes in my personal life and my career, and the guidance I have received from Kate has given me the courage and insight to make the best decisions I could make. Kate is very encouraging and she has reinforced my confidence in the choices I’ve made and enabled me to trust my intuition. Kate has a very positive, unique and gentle approach and her outlook is very refreshing. The coaching was motivating, enabling me to focus on my future goals and put in place actions to achieve these goals and continually monitor my progress. I recommend Kate as a life coach to anyone who is ready to take the challenge, follow their heart, live their dream and succeed.’ RF, Melbourne

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Coaching is often tax deductible; please check with your accountant.