Life Satisfaction Quiz

Are you happy with your life? Answer yes or no to the following questions, then add up your score out of 20 to see how satisfied you are with the life you are currently living.




I know my strengths and natural talents and how I can use them.
I have a 'bigger picture' purpose in life and know how I will achieve this.
I value creativity and make time to pursue creative interests (even though I may not be a musician or an artist).
I have a clear picture of three important things I would like to achieve in the next twelve months and I know how I will reach these goals.
I know how to keep myself motivated with regard to achieving my goals.
I have defined my own version of success.
I feel a sense of control with regard to my finances and financial plans.
I love my work and feel that what I do is aligned with my values.
I feel free to communicate in an open and honest way in all of my important relationships.
Others find me inspirational and positive because of the way I live my life.
I know how to say no when I need to.
I have good relationships with the people I work with.
I have a supportive network of friends who encourage me to live in accordance with my values.
I am happy with my relationships with my parents and siblings.
I have a life partner who makes me happy and we continue to work on our relationship OR I enjoy being single and have a supportive network of people around me.
I have at least one interest or hobby of my own.
I eat a healthy diet, manage alcohol and coffee intake and exercise at least three times per week.
I make time to do something indulgent or relaxing for myself every week.
I take annual holidays and really unwind.
I feel calm and in control most of the time.
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