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A month of living mindfully

I try to live mindfully most months. I’m far from perfect but over the holidays some of my good habits went well and truly by the wayside. I drank a little too much wine, ate lots of beautiful but not always healthy food, exercised infrequently and I was generally less productive than usual.

All of this was fun and I loved every minute of it but last week I woke up and realised that I felt less energised than I usually do and the lack of structure isn’t so great now that I’m back at work.

So on Sunday, I got focused.

After years of yoyo dieting as a teenager and young adult, I swore off ever eliminating anything as a strict rule. For me, moderation is a far more sustainable and healthy objective. I’m not officially FebFasting (although I think it’s great for some people) but I’m limiting myself to two glasses of wine per week.

I’ve set a boundary around social media and being online – I’ll limit this mostly to work hours and I won’t take my phone into the bedroom (I’ve got an old one to use for an alarm and guided meditations thankfully).

I’m committed to cooking at least two vegetarian dishes each week (try this recipe for a simple but delicious stuffed eggplant dish I made on the weekend), I want to be more consciously committed to being kind, not just to others but to myself and I’m going to spend more time into nature.

The ‘notice the good’ has meant a renewed commitment to writing down three things that went well at the end of each day.


Now it’s your turn.

Take a few minutes to write out your top ten areas to focus on for the next month.

Try to make your list broad – think of habits that will improve your health, things that will energise you or fill your soul and include ideas that will give you the opportunity to be more creative and improve your relationships.

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