9.30am to 1.00pm
Northcote, Victoria

Sometimes we become so busy that we forget to make mindful and insightful choices about our lives.

It’s important to step back from time to time to reflect on what it is that will make you truly fulfilled.

In this relaxed and engaging morning workshop, you’ll work with Kate to get to know the authentic version of you. You’ll learn about how to move beyond some of the limits you put on yourself so that you can start to connect with life in a more meaningful and fulfilling way.


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Discover your potential in a mindful way

  • Identify your personal values
  • Connect with and utilise your natural strengths
  • Map out your idea of a fulfilling life
  • Understand how your beliefs, thoughts and our actions could be holding you back from creating a full, abundant and meaningful life
  • Learn to be more mindful in your every day
  • Make choices that are really right for you.

“The mindful seminar by Kate James was amazing. It has opened my eyes and my mind to a better way of living. I have been struggling with a busy life, chaos, when all I want is harmony. I feel I am well equipped with some great tools to finally start living the life I really want. I’m feeling very positive about jumping into this newfound way of mindful living.” Laura


Photo courtesy of Seabreeze Films


When: TBC

Time: 9.30am to 1.00pm (includes a light morning tea)

Where: Northcote Town Hall, High Street Northcote

Cost: $125 single ticket (includes GST)

Who is this workshop for?

Most of our participants are women aged between 26 and 50 but we welcome men to this workshop too. Our clients often describe themselves as  creative, sometime sensitive and introverted and they’re people who care about living mindful, meaningful lives. You might find that you share some of their other traits too – read about them here.

About Kate

Kate James has been a coach and mindfulness teacher for over 12 years. Her workshop will focus on her mantra of living mindfully, believing in yourself and doing what you love, guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired and motivated to make the choices that are right for you.

What people say

“An engaging host who is passionate and knowledgeable. Very genuine examples which helped make it all relevant.”

“I appreciated the details – the space felt warm and welcoming. It was a gentle introduction to a lifestyle I’d like to embrace and I appreciated not being overwhelmed by it all. A great place to start if you would like to live more mindfully.”

“Thank you for today – I found your workshop fantastic in allowing myself the time to really look at the way I live my life. A lot of useful insights into how to approach things differently. Really timely! Thank you.”

“I’m now in a far more positive mindset after participating in this workshop than I ever expected to be. I’m so glad I made the investment in myself and recommend it highly to anyone who wishes to make the most from their lives. Thanks for the mindfulness wisdom!” Megyn Hayes xx

“The session was excellent, so informative. The room was so inviting and peaceful.”

“A gentle, refreshing course on mindfulness and how to create a more contented life. The workshop reinforced a lot of work I am trying to do now. A gentle, caring approach on Living Mindfully. Kate has a wonderful way of leading you into mindfulness.” Helen Isaacs

“There was so much in it! I was grateful Kate could answer my individual questions. I feel like I have lots of exercises, resources and ideas to work with at home. Loved the meditations. I feel empowered to make some changes now.” Karen C

“I felt it was a really good balance of discussion and personal reflection. You have provided the space, the structure and the prompts so that I can start living more mindfully. I have read your newsletters for years and always look forward to Monday mornings to receive your Revive quote. This workshop with you took it to another level. Your discussions, openness and the material allowed me to better understand the life I want to have.”

“I have learnt so much in a short time. My eyes have been opened to my strengths most of all. What a great seminar! Very relaxed and informal.”

“Really lovely balance between knowledge and actually doing some meditation and exercises. Inspiring and practical. Thank you Kate.” Josette

“Kate has a gentle way of teaching that makes positive change feel manageable.”

“Great tools and tips. The meditations throughout gave me a sense of being present and I absorbed more info as a result. An inspiring workshop that helps you connect your day-to-day actions with your values and desired outcomes In turn, it helps provide the foundation and platform to live a fulfilling life.” E.G.

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