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Finding refuge

Recently I was sent a copy of Rick Hanson’s new book ‘Buddha’s Brain’ to review. It’s one of the best books I’ve read.

In one of the chapters, Rick talks about finding refuge. When I was a child I spent hours absorbed in novels, climbing trees and floating in a swimming pool or the sea. As a teenager, I listened to music with the headphones on, wrote in a journal, walked along ocean beaches and continued to read.

These days I read and write and walk along the beach. As well as these things I’ll often spend a Sunday afternoon cooking, still with the music on but without the headphones (they’re not always practical in the kitchen). I meditate and occasionally get out in the garden.

These are my places of refuge. The places that I retreat to that fill me back up.

Find a place of refuge and make time to escape there even for just a small amount of time every day.

3 thoughts on “Finding refuge

  1. Finding a place of refuge. A quiet time on our own is so important to us all. Thank you for reminding me Kate to go inwards and to enjoy the serenity of finding the peace within.

    Many thanks,


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Kate James

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