Leadership Coaching

Kate James is a leadership coach who works with current and emerging leaders to build self-belief, develop resilience as well as leadership presence and to overcome imposter syndrome. Her aim is to work with you so that you can role model inclusive and compassionate leadership.

Kate’s coaching style

Kate is described as an intuitive, insightful and mindful coach. She works with leaders who care about making a positive difference in their workplace and who want to learn about cultivating their own unique style of leadership.

Leadership coaching program outcomes

The objective of the leadership coaching program is to develop emotionally intelligent leaders who think strategically, who know how to bring out the best in others and who are committed to creating a flexible, high performing and inclusive culture.

  • Use your strengths as a leader
  • Cultivating inclusive and collaborative leadership
  • Lead so others want to follow
  • Learn how to think more strategically
  • Understand and develop executive presence
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Learn the art of effective communication (including having difficult conversations)
  • Manage stress effectively

Program details

The leadership coaching program is run over three months with sessions held fortnightly over Zoom.

Coaching program content is tailored to each individual but generally includes identifying your personal strengths and values, clarifying your personal and professional values and vision and understanding your purpose. Kate works with clients to develop self-awareness, build emotional intelligence, improve communication and enhance collaboration and advocacy skills.

Clear outcomes are established for the coaching program when we commence working together.

Interested to work together?

Read about our ideal client and business philosophy here. Get in touch for a copy of our leadership coaching brochure with more information for your HR team.


What Kate’s clients say

‘I can’t recommend leadership coaching sessions with Kate James highly enough.  I was very sceptical about them before starting – imagining they would be full of corporate psychology jargon.  But in fact I gained far more from them than I ever imagined, on both a personal and professional level.  The sessions are interactive, conducted in a warm and positive manner which encourages honesty and self-reflection, and extremely practical in focus.  Their great strength is that they focus on your whole life and the way you live it, not just on your role as a manager.  I’ve learned a great deal both in terms of how I lead my life and how I perform in management, the one informing the other.  This holistic, down-to-earth approach has been the most helpful and realistic counselling/coaching I’ve ever had.’

Executive, Melbourne

‘When I began leadership coaching with Kate, I was at a very low point in both my personal and professional life. Kate’s thoughtful guidance has proved to be a turning point. She created an environment of complete trust that allowed me to provide information that was at the heart of the matter. In response, Kate was both kind and firm, as required. Her personal follow-ups created a clear set of practical action items, without losing sight of longer-term life goals. I have now emerged from my darkness, and Kate’s advice continues to guide me towards a more positive future. I strongly recommend Kate James to join your own personal team.’

Business Professional, Melbourne

‘I’m a lawyer and I approached Kate for career coaching to seek direction about my future practice. Kate was fantastic. Together we worked through the ideas and workshopped the different options available. From our discussion, I decided to start my own law firm which was something I previously had not fully considered. I have not looked back. Through this process, Kate offered advice and assistance from the preparation of the business plan and projected earnings to advising on the branding of the business. Without her assistance, I would not have achieved what I did in such a short space of time. Highly recommended.’

Dennis Danaher, Director Danaher Legal

‘My thanks to you for your coaching guidance and direction over the past six weeks. You have provided me with the focus and tools to think deeply and broadly about where I am at and what I want to be and given me insights that have shone a light on what I need to do and how to go about it. It has been a truly rewarding learning experience.’

Executive, Melbourne

‘Hi Kate, it’s a while now since I’ve seen you, so I hope you remember me. I came to see you in the first half of 2005, when I was working at a big corporate law firm and trying to work out what to do with my life – primarily in a career sense, but, of course, that led to all sorts of other questions. As you may remember, with your encouragement I eventually applied for a different role which fit much better with my personal goals and values.

I was so ready to change directions, but I just couldn’t find a way to do it without that support. And the conversations that we had and the resources you gave me – the questions about values and the books you referred me to – were so helpful then and are still helpful now. I really value the experience of working with you, it has made me appreciate the choices I have so much more and realise that whenever I feel like I’m not where I want to be, I can do something to change it.’

CH, Lawyer, Melbourne

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Read about our ideal client and business philosophy here. Get in touch for a copy of our leadership coaching brochure with more information for your HR team.