Live and Work With Purpose

Discover your ideal life and the confidence to pursue a career that fits with your natural strengths.

Filled with the most-effective resources and exercises I’ve used with clients over the past 17 years, this program will leave you equipped to create positive and lasting change in your life.

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This program is for you if you’re:

+ Ready to map out your version of your ideal life.
+ Hoping to live more in the present moment.
+ Wanting to live in alignment with your values.
+ Ready to challenge some of your limiting beliefs.
+ Keen to build your self-belief so you feel confident to go after your dreams.
+ Looking for practical tips about how to move beyond fear and build your courage.
+ Wanting to live with more purpose and meaning.

What you’ll walk away with:

  • a vision for your ideal career and life that inspires and energises you.
  • practical tips to overcome the beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that hold you back.
  • clarity about how mindfulness can make you feel calmer, more focused and more positive about your direction.
  • the confidence to start making the changes you need to make to be living your version of a creative, authentic and meaningful life.
  • an action plan to continue on with well after the program has finished.

What’s included?

Live With Purpose is run over four weeks and includes:

  • 4 x fillable PDF workbooks delivered to your inbox each week including resources, tips and exercises to assist you in creating a purposeful and fulfilling life and career.
  • 4 x guided meditation MP3s to help you connect with your intuition and relax into visualising your dream life.
  • 4 x videos that will give you an overview of the week’s content and help keep you motivated and on track.
  • All of this content is yours so you can come back to it as often as you need to.


Before starting with the Live With Purpose program, I recommend that you first complete Discover Your Purpose, a self-directed workbook that will help you uncover your unique strengths, your values, your limiting beliefs and reconnects with the things you’re passionate about.

How much does it cost?

The Live With Purpose program is $97 AUD.

I loved every minute of Kate’s program
and can’t recommend it highly enough.



The people I work with

The people I work with often describe themselves as ‘different’ to most other people. You’ll love this program if you:

  • value the idea of living a mindful and purposeful life.
  • want to feel confident to be the ‘real’ you.
  • consider yourself something of an introvert.
  • have an interest in understanding yourself better.
  • want to discover your true path.
  • don’t value the accumulation of material possessions as the only important thing in life.
  • are keen to define your own version of success.
  • value flexibility and freedom and being able to do work you love.
  • feel a connection with the word ‘creativity’ even if you don’t actively pursue a traditional creative interest.
  • would love the opportunity to give back to society.


‘Kate’s online programs were exactly what I needed – energising. They clarified what I value and enjoy, and enabled me to start making gradual but significant changes that have transformed my life. While continuing to work full-time in a demanding role, I explored other options for work, began a creative project, rejuvenated my health, rediscovered meditation and my enjoyment of reading and music, travelled solo, and had my life enriched by the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. I relocated back to my home town, changed to part-time work and volunteering, and when I least expected it met the man who is now my husband. Through Kate’s eCourses, I finally took the time to ‘stop’, look at my strengths and limitations, trust my intuition and pursue changes calmly and confidently. I often refer back to the workbooks to stay true to the way I want to live. Thank you so much Kate!’


Course content includes

Module 1 – Create Your Ideal Life
Uncover the elements of your ideal life, create a written and visual record of your vision, break your vision into goals and learn about how to apply the five principles of living mindfully. Included is the Future Self guided meditation.

Module 2 – Be Your Best Self
Understand and develop your capacity for resilience, use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to overcome negative thinking, make contact with the most confident part of yourself and explore six steps for building self-belief. Included is the Self Acceptance meditation.

Module 3 – Discover Your Ideal Role
Build on your strengths, explore all aspects of your ideal role, review your career options and develop your self-belief and courage before you search for your ideal role. Included is the Increased Confidence meditation.

Module 4 – Make Your Career Move
Prepare your resume, map out your personal marketing plan (including networking and using LinkedIn) and overcome limiting beliefs that hold you back from pursuing your dream role. Included is the Positive Thinking meditation.

About Kate James

With 17 years experience helping my clients discover authentic, creative and purposeful lives, I’m now bringing you the resources and tools that have been most effective in supporting change. Drawing on wisdom from Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, mindfulness and over 30 years of reading, I will help you to discover your own version of a well-lived life.


How does it work?

Live With Purpose is a four-week program. As soon as you sign up you’ll receive the first module via email so you can get started right away. On a weekly basis, you’ll receive a new module including a short video, a guided meditation MP3 and a fillable PDF workbook. Once you’ve watched the video and listened to the meditation, I recommend you put aside at least one full day to complete your workbook.

All of the content is yours to keep so you can come back to it as often as you need to.

What people say

“Kate has created a truly inspirational, practical and top “value for money” offering in her life purpose programs. I was guided to connect with my deepest self, my strengths and forgotten passions, to keep focused and be courageous. I will be able to revisit the material regularly to keep on track with my personal progress. Kate has such a caring and supportive nature that I felt motivated, encouraged and reassured in my efforts. I am so grateful to Kate for whole-heartedly sharing her own experiences, creativity and wisdom in this course in such an accessible manner. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking direction and a more meaningful life.” Sarah, Melbourne

“Participating in Kate’s program set into motion a series of events that has changed my life enormously. It has sent me on a journey of self discovery that still continues and has left me with a deeper appreciation of my life. At a time when I was looking for new directions, this course offered a well-structured, purposeful and practical way to clarify my thinking and identify my strengths, values and visions for a meaningful life.  I continue to practice my meditations, exercise and the ‘what-went-well’ exercise (almost) each day and notice the difference this makes in my life. I would recommend this course to anyone in a heartbeat.” Anne-Marie, Melbourne

“Thanks so much Kate for the time, energy and effort you put into making this online program which is so valuable to anyone wanting to discover things about themselves and become more aware of how to move forward with goals in life. I enrolled in the course because I felt a little ‘stuck’ in life – I had ideas of where I wanted to go – but lacked the confidence and thought process needed to make a change. This course was so valuable in helping me recognise my strengths and weaknesses and basically, give me the inspiration to just ‘go with it’ – follow my dreams, be driven to achieve my goals and see what happens!” Mary Anne, Brisbane

“I loved every minute of Kate’s program and can’t recommend it highly enough. It is full to the brim with Kate’s wisdom and insights, together with thought-provoking exercises which I have enjoyed re-visiting after the course finished. The material really helped strip away the many ‘shoulds’ I impose on myself and enabled me to tap into my true heart’s desire. I particularly loved the meditation mp3s. The program was a unique and highly valuable experience!” Catherine, Melbourne

“This program was just the kick start I needed to think about my life and where I wanted to go. The thought-provoking exercises and introduction to inspiring people was a highlight.” Alison, Dubbo

“The enduring discovery I made with the guidance of this program was that strengths, insight, goodness and even some wisdom all lay hidden within the most surprising of places – myself.  There all along, they were obscured by my own limiting beliefs and self talk. Some of the exercises helped me listen beyond the babble of negative voices so I could hear and believe the good things too.  Some exercises and guided meditations challenged me. I continue to work towards some of the goals I included in my life map. ” Kerrie, Sunshine Coast

“Thanks Kate! This program has refocused and rejuvenated my life. I have so many changes in progress and am actually enjoying the process and the challenge instead of feeling impatient. I am calmer, happier and excited about a future that reflects my true self.” Emma, Bendigo


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