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“I find the Total Balance articles very uplifting, relevant and real. Something I can connect to. The stories and attributes of people motivate me to make small changes in my own life for greater depth and enjoyment in daily activities.” AR, Berri, SA

“I have signed up to many newsletters in the past, but always make the time to save and read Total Balance. I’m constantly searching for ways to improve my life and achieve my goals and I find Kate James inspiring. Please keep up the great work!” N Chapman, Sydney

“They are beautifully written and I feel nice and inspired after each one – it’s kinda like a monthly check-up…”

“Receiving Kate’s articles gives me an ‘excuse’ to take a few moments for me! I love them and have really enjoyed the MP3 downloads, which I use regularly.” LP, Launceston

“Real, authentic content, written with care and thoughtfulness.” Nadine, Melbourne

“Each Total Balance newsletter story reminds me of why we are here and what’s really important. It helps me focus on the things that matter – human spirit and living authentically.” SA, Melbourne

“The updates from Total Balance are my little piece of inspiration every month – a reminder that, however bogged down I feel, if I stand up straight and let in a little inspiration, everything looks brighter.” Kate Matthew, Blue Mountains

“I find they are inspiring, uplifting and make me think of other ways of handling situations we come across in life. Kate writes them in a way that keeps me interested and on occasion I can relate to what she is writing about.” Sue Wright, Margaret River

“They are an inspiration to strive to better yourself, to stop and realise that you can make small changes in order to achieve significant outcomes, whatever it may be that needs changing.” JC, Wollongong

“Warm, candid, inspirational; the articles seem to come just when I need a boost. When my own self-doubts, setbacks and detours start to undermine my dreams, reading about how others have experienced and overcome the same makes me feel like less of an alien.” Rhiannon

“I love receiving words from people who are inspiring without conceit. Total Balance achieves this for me in the delivery of suggestions and proven methodology. In reality, I love reading positive good-news items. This can be achieved through the expression of an undesired event, with the final detail of the search having something positive emerging from it – you have nailed it here with Total Balance. Thank you.” Gail P, Carisbrook

“I love your updates! They’re a gem amongst all the ‘junk’ mail that finds its way into my inbox. Kate’s words of wisdom, insight from both personal accounts and that of others, inspire me to search for the meaning of what I’m trying to accomplish in what’s often a day, a week or a month of chaos. Your monthly email prompts me to re-evaluate what’s important, what makes me and my family happy. It’s like a much needed wheel alignment when things are getting a little wobbly.” Kendy, Melbourne