As a professional career counsellor and coach, my mission is to support others as they create more satisfying lives for themselves. I have partnered with over 2,000 clients, helping them to clarify and determine their direction and make informed decisions around work, career transitions, and balancing life roles. have also enjoyed writing and presenting seminars and workshops on career management for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

My qualifications

I am a Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and a Strong Interest Certified Practitioner. My qualifications include a Graduate Certificate in Career Education and Development from RMIT, a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) both from Griffith University. I am part of the Total Balance team and contracted to a university working in their Careers and Employment team.

In my personal life

When I am not seeing clients, I love to research and write about the world of work, and more than likely my gorgeous cavoodle, Banjo will be lying by my side. I am particularly interested in the benefits of mindfulness for stress management, managing the psychological boundaries between work and home, and the use of creative strategies in career counselling.

Outside of work, I love spending time with family and friends and making the most of living in the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland.


My background

I was born in Brisbane and grew up on 10 acres in Cedar Creek, near the Samford Valley. I spent time at university on the Gold Coast, lived in Melbourne for few years while raising twin toddlers and then travelled back to the Gold Coast with my partner of 21 years to be close to family again.

My working life has included many and varied jobs including kitchen hand, waitress, sales assistant, retail manager, event coordinator, marketer, counsellor, coach, blog author and small business owner. I have navigated a significant mid-life career change and spent many years in formal and informal learning. A common thread throughout my career has been serving others and helping them live better lives. I am so grateful to be continuing this theme with Total Balance.

What you can expect from me as your career coach

I will approach our time together with the intention of listening to your story, understanding the reality of your experience and what you would like to get out of your working life. We then work together to identify your unique strengths and capabilities, develop meaningful career goals and provide support as these goals are achieved.

Typically, I use assessments tools to help identify career themes and patterns which will suggest satisfying fields of work and organisational cultures, and a strengths and values assessment to identify career motivators. I also love to employ creative tools such as guided imagery, idea journals, career collages and life mapping in my practice as I believe that our time together should be a fun and motivational experience.

If my style resonates with you and you are looking for a professional to help you manage your career, I would love to invite you for an initial 15-minute conversation, simply book using the button below. I work with face-to-face clients from Brisbane and the Gold Coast and clients from all over Australia via Zoom.


My ideal client

Clients that I work with are usually proactive individuals who have tried some actions on their own but have hit a few roadblocks and are unsure of how to continue. They may be feeling anxious, frustrated and unfulfilled; they may have lost belief in themselves and confidence in their abilities. They may be juggling multiple life roles or want to talk with someone about a decision they are facing.

“A friend suggested I should see Nina about getting clarity with my career direction. The most useful aspect of the process was learning about which career options would suit me. Nina was extremely helpful and understanding. I feel a huge improvement in my confidence and well-being since attending.” Jade

“I was hoping to achieve some clarity in regards to what I wanted to get out of my work. Nina was so helpful in working through all my thoughts and ideas and eventually led me to my decision. Her patience and understanding made a very stressful topic much less daunting.” Chelsie 

Does this sound like you?

  • You are feeling discouraged and frustrated but understand that this does not equate to hopelessness. You are ready to engage in self-awareness, career exploration and planning activities.
  • You understand that a career counsellor/coach is not an “all-knowing specialist” but an active collaborator in your career.
  • You appreciate that career counselling/coaching requires work on your part; there are no easy answers.
  • You see career support as a direct investment in your future – one that can pay big dividends across your working life.
  • You want to work with a professional whose practice is underpinned by accredited qualifications and proven theory, and who conforms to a Professional Standards Framework. You don’t base your career decisions on the latest Facebook personality quiz.
  • You are ready to gain a greater understanding of your marketable and transferable strengths, experience and attributes.
  • You want to understand, appreciate and confidently tell your unique story.

“My expectations were met and more. I was hoping to get clarification as to whether I needed to continue on the career path I am already on or take the risk of following another one and have the possibility of having to start all over again. The advice I received as to what my next step should be, who I should reach out to next and some ideas as to where and who to speak to in order to make the right choice moving forward was extremely valuable. Nina was great.” Matt

“My expectations were exceeded due to the assistance I received from Nina. She was helpful, understanding and positive. She ‘pulled apart’ my experience and helped me to present it in a more effective way. Thank you!!” Angela

I wanted to improve my LinkedIn page and review my resume. The most useful aspect of our appointment was Nina’s friendly, reaffirming approach and great constructive feedback. Nina was amazing.” Jenni

My philosophy

  • Authenticity is the key to career satisfaction. Unveiling the authentic self takes time and deep self-reflection. It includes living in alignment with your personal values.
  • Kindness always matters. Being kind leads to more meaningful relationships, wider networks and better workplaces. It also contributes positively to overall health.
  • Always work from a place of hope and optimism. For me, this means expecting the best possible outcome and then working to achieve it; I understand that the future is something I can positively influence.