It’s a big step moving out of a secure role into your own business so it needs plenty of thought. There are many roles you’ll need to play, particularly in the early days if you’re not hiring staff. Read through the list of roles below and give yourself a rating against each area. This will help you to determine where you need support.

Running your own business roles

Visionary (business strategy, new ideas, being creative)

Planner (breaking down the vision into manageable action steps)

Designer (even if you work with a designer you’ll want to have input into the look and feel of all of your collateral including logo, website, business proposals, presentations etc)

Technical wiz (setting up your email, managing the website, fixing the printer when it stops working, adding products to your online store)

Finance (doing your invoices, making sure you get paid, managing cashflow, doing the BAS)

Marketing (getting the word out there about your business)

Sales (getting people to buy what you have to offer)

Manager (engaging new staff members, managing employees, keeping your team motivated, happy and engaged)

Service delivery / product design (doing what you do best)

Customer service (taking care of your clients, building loyalty)

Communications (writing emails, letters, proposals, newsletters)

Doer (being self motivated enough to get things done without someone watching over your shoulder)