Start Your Business (or Side-Project) Workshop

If you dream of starting your own business (or a side-project) but you’ve stalled in the ‘dreaming’ phase, this workshop is for you.

Join Kate James and a small group of aspiring female business owners to get clear about the vision for your business (or your passion project) and identify the practical steps that will get you started.

When: Saturday 30 April 2022
Time: 10.30am – 12.00pm
Fee: $145
Group size: Limited to 10 participants
Start Your Business Workshop includes complimentary tea, coffee and light refreshments. Please note this workshop will also be photographed and small segments of the workshop will be filmed for our promotional use only.

Who is the Start Your Business Workshop for?

This intimate and informal event is for women who want to start their own creative or wellness business. Many of Kate’s clients describe themselves as introverts and most share the following qualities.

  • You know deep down you’re good at what you do but you experience some self-doubt
  • The idea of being a business owner excites you but also makes you feel like a bit of an imposter
  • You have a vigilant ‘inner critic’ (and maybe you’re a little perfectionistic)
  • You would love to make a positive difference in the world
  • You care about living and working in alignment with your values
  • You want to do work that is meaningful.

What’s included in the Start Your Business Workshop?

Once you’re enrolled, we’ll send you some prep work to do before you arrive to help you gain a little more clarity about the business you’re hoping to start. In the time we spend together, Kate will focus on the following content:

  • Gaining clarity about your offering
  • Getting started with marketing (including refining your brand, what to include on your website, starting your social media)
  • Overcoming self-doubt
  • Setting yourself up for success

start your business workshop

Start Your Business Workshop cancellation policy

We are unable to offer refunds or credits for non-attendance for the Start Your Business Workshop but we will happily transfer your place to another participant. We will adhere to all relevant COVID safe practices and in the event of COVID infection in one of our team or at the venue, the workshop will be postponed to a future date and participants will be offered the option of a full refund or transfer to the new date.


What people say about Kate’s workshops

“I just wanted to thank you for such an inspiring day. Your approach is so authentic and so personal. Your focus on us as individuals reminding us to focus on our strengths was both comforting and refreshing.  I cannot wait to work with you in the future.” Jane Edgley, Lalee Farm

“The business workshop provided me with a time-out from the consuming thoughts of my business for a moment of self-reflection and a review of my operations. Small business owners often feel fear, fear of failing, fear of the wrong approach, etc. We worked on our “Confident Business Self”, networked with a bunch of truly lovely ladies and had an inspiring morning!” Mel Leeson, Mettle + Grace

“I loved every minute of Kate’s small business mentoring program. While I really enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with running my own business, I can, at times, feel isolated and unsure when making big decisions. It was such a gift to be able to work with Kate and the wonderful group of warm, smart, dynamic, creative women that participated in the program. The resources, support and feedback I’ve received over the past three months have been invaluable. I’m just sad that it’s over!” Catherine Morey-Nase, The Wellbeing Corner

“What a fabulous program! I definitely won’t regret joining the business mentoring group and thank you for giving me the opportunity. It was lovely to join a committed group of similarly minded people and share our common experience of planning and launching a small business. We all started and finished at slightly different stages but it didn’t matter as everyone was encouraged to work through the modules at their own pace and find their own unique process. Without a doubt, the act of sharing each week provided a solid foundation for accountability, support and inspiration. It will be lovely to keep in touch with this talented group of women and see the world embrace their extraordinary talents.” Lou Spargo

“I was fortunate to be involved in a business mentoring group run by Kate James who I have worked with personally for the last 18 months. Kate works with like-minded people so the group was a great fit and very supportive of each other. The content we covered applied to each of us who work across a variety of industries and focused not only on how to improve your business but also to get a balance in life which is often a challenge for business owners. Kate’s advice, guidance and support has been invaluable to me.” Lucy Mills, The Lighthaus