The Confidence Course


Small Group Coaching Program for Women

The Confidence Course is a six-week small group coaching program for women encompassing the most effective exercises and strategies I have used with clients to build self-belief over the past 20 years.

Each week I will introduce case studies, research and practical exercises to teach you how to become your most confident self.

What’s included in The Confidence Course?

The Confidence Course for women program includes:

  • 6 x live one-hour group coaching calls with Kate held via Zoom.
  • Weekly worksheets, journal prompts and a reading list.
  • Guided meditations to help you connect with your innate sense of confidence and overcome limiting beliefs.
  • Access to a private forum to connect with other like-minded participants.
  • Partnering with a workshop participant each week for ongoing support.
  • Bonus expert interviews addressing specific areas of confidence.

All of this content is yours so you can come back to it as often as you need to.



The next public course commences in October 2022 or get in touch to organise a program for your organisation.

The content

Module 1 – Defining ‘real’ confidence

We’ll explore what ‘real’ confidence is (and what it isn’t) and how you can genuinely build your confidence, regardless of your age or life stage. We will examine the difference between confidence and self-esteem and define how confident you currently are. We’ll identify the areas of confidence you most want to focus on during the program.

Module 2 – Build courage and resilience

In this week’s module, we’ll look at the relationship between fear and confidence and identify the steps required to build courage as you begin to pursue your goals and dreams. We’ll discuss how to build resilience, how to cultivate calm, how to overcome setbacks and how to find support as you grow your confidence.

Module 3- Discover your purpose

In this module you’ll learn how your personal values, your strengths and your sense of purpose are the most effective tools on your journey to build your confidence. I’ll share exercises to help you identify each of these elements so you feel a greater sense of clarity about who you are and your life direction.

Module 4 – Connect with your confident self

This week I’ll show you how to connect with the confident part of yourself (we all have this!). We’ll also explore the difference between over-confidence and humility, how to overcome imposter syndrome and how to balance generosity, authenticity and boundary setting.

Module 5 – Let go of your limiting beliefs

This week’s focus will be letting go of the limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours that are currently holding you back. You’ll learn how to quieten the critics (including your inner critic) and discover how to make peace with the past and move forward with a true sense of confidence.

Module 6 – Create the habit of confidence

Learn how the habit of confidence will help keep you on track so that you continue to define and pursue your version of a fulfilling career and life.

Who is The Confidence Course training program for?

The Confidence Course is for women who want to become confident in all areas of life but our primary focus is on building confidence in the workplace. It’s an excellent course for leaders and business owners but equally valuable for women in all walks of life.

Whether you’re fearful of speaking up in meetings, lacking the courage to start your own business or apply for a leadership role, uncomfortable to set healthy boundaries, hesitant in social settings or holding yourself back from pursuing your version of a fulfilling career and life, there’s something in this course for you.

If you’re the kind of person who experiences self-doubt or feels ‘not good enough’ at times, this program will change how you feel about yourself.

Kate’s clients also share many other qualities in common. It may be that you:

  • Feel intimidated or uncomfortable around overly assertive people.
  • Sometimes feel a sense of imposter syndrome or ‘not feeling good enough’.
  • Want to learn how to be quietly confident, rather than developing a big ego or changing your core personality in any way.
  • Want to feel comfortable to be the ‘real’ you.
  • Love the idea that building your confidence will make a positive difference in the lives of other people too.
  • Believe in living and working in alignment with your values.
  • Care about collaborating, giving back and making a difference in the world in some way.



How much time will you need?

Ideally, you’ll need around three hours per week to get the most from the course as well as time during your week to commit to your chosen confidence-building action steps. We’ll spend an hour together on a group coaching call and there’ll be at least an hour’s worth of homework to complete before the next call. Each week I will also share a guided meditation and an expert interview.

Fee (AUD)

Upfront payment
$825 (inclusive of GST)

Monthly instalments
$275 per month x 3 (inclusive of GST)

About Kate James

Kate James is an author, coach and mindfulness teacher who has spent the past 20 years helping her clients create confident, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

Working with emerging and current leaders and business owners, Kate uses tools from Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and mindfulness philosophy to help her clients discover their values, strengths and purpose. Kate’s programs inspire clarity, confidence and inner calm.

Kate is the author of six best-selling personal development books including, Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love, Create Calm and Change Your Thinking to Change Your Life.

Previous clients include Origin Energy, University of Melbourne, Latrobe University, RMIT, Sensis, Freehills, Mallesons, Phillips Fox, IBM, Aviva, CSIRO, Urbis, Macquarie Bank, ANZ, NAB, Bank West, Clemenger, CHE, George Patts, Department of Transport, Department of Human Services, Department of Sustainability & Environment, Department of Justice and Brotherhood of St Laurence.

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What people say about Kate’s group coaching programs

“This course was truly life-changing. Kate managed to succinctly summarise a large amount of research, theory and wisdom into little golden nuggets of the best and most helpful information that could easily be understood and absorbed. Then she followed this up with journaling practises that helped cement and put into practice this theory in our own personal lives. She also provided meditations so we could practise feeling the physical aspects as well. The group calls and guest speakers helped us understand how different people manage and cope with the human experience. It showed us that we are not alone! It has changed my life but the best bit is that I will always have access to the content to continue the meditations, read the follow-up books and revisit the theory at different stages of my life.” C, Melbourne

“Kate James is an excellent presenter and mentor. She is professional and honest in her approach. She is able to share her own lived experience and draw out the experiences of the participants in a relaxed manner, which helps to bring the research and course material to life. I really enjoyed The Confidence Course and it continues to resonate and help me to move forward with the changes I want to make.” Bec, Melbourne

“Kate has created a truly inspirational, practical and top “value for money” offering in her group programs. I was guided to connect with my deepest self, my strengths and forgotten passions, to keep focused and be courageous. I will be able to revisit the material regularly to keep on track with my personal progress. Kate has such a caring and supportive nature that I felt motivated, encouraged and reassured in my efforts. I am so grateful to Kate for whole-heartedly sharing her own experiences, creativity and wisdom in this course in such an accessible manner. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking direction and a more meaningful life.” Sarah, Melbourne

“Participating in Kate’s program set into motion a series of events that have changed my life enormously. It has sent me on a journey of self-discovery that still continues and has left me with a deeper appreciation of my life. At a time when I was looking for new directions, this course offered a well-structured, purposeful and practical way to clarify my thinking and identify my strengths, values and visions for a meaningful life.  I continue to practice my meditations and other exercises (almost) each day and notice the difference this makes in my life. I would recommend this course to anyone in a heartbeat.” Anne-Marie, Melbourne

“I loved every minute of Kate’s program and can’t recommend it highly enough. It is full to the brim with Kate’s wisdom and insights, together with thought-provoking exercises which I have enjoyed re-visiting after the course finished. The material really helped strip away the many ‘shoulds’ I impose on myself and enabled me to tap into my true heart’s desire. I particularly loved the meditation mp3s. The program was a unique and highly valuable experience!” Catherine, Melbourne

“This program was just the kick start I needed to think about my life and where I wanted to go. The thought-provoking exercises and introduction to inspiring people was a highlight.” Alison, Dubbo

“The enduring discovery I made with the guidance of this program was that strengths, insight, goodness and even some wisdom all lay hidden within the most surprising of places – myself.  There all along, they were obscured by my own limiting beliefs and self-talk. Some of the exercises helped me listen beyond the babble of negative voices so I could hear and believe the good things too.  Some exercises and guided meditations challenged me. I continue to work towards some of the goals I included in my life map. ” Kerrie, Sunshine Coast

“Thanks Kate! This program has refocused and rejuvenated my life. I have so many changes in progress and am actually enjoying the process and the challenge instead of feeling impatient. I am calmer, happier and excited about a future that reflects my true self.” Emma, Bendigo