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Are you living a conscious and mindful life right now? Answer yes or no to the following questions and click ‘calculate total’ to see your score out of 20.




I know my strengths and natural talents and I have the opportunity to use them often.
I have a 'bigger picture' purpose in life and I am able to live in alignment with my purpose.
I have defined my own version of success.
I have a clear idea of three important things I would like to achieve in the next twelve months and I know how I will reach these goals.
I know how to break my goals into manageable steps that I can action.
I feel a sense of connection with something bigger than myself (this might be nature, art or some form of spirituality).
I love my work and feel that what I do is aligned with my values.
I am comfortable to challenge myself from time to time to build my confidence.
I feel free to communicate in an open and honest way in my important relationships.
I feel that I'm living a life that is authentic and true for me.
I know how to say no when I need to.
I have a few clear longer term goals but I'm also flexible about changing my goals when it feels right to.
I have a supportive network of friends who encourage me to live in accordance with my values.
I accept that life will be a mix of positive and negative experiences. On the difficult days, I remind myself that things won't stay the same forever.
I have a life partner who makes me happy and we continue to work on our relationship OR I enjoy being single and have some supportive people around me.
I make a conscious effort to live mindfully. I'm doing things that bring me into the present moment and I do my best to stay open, curious and compassionate.
I have a healthy relationship with food and alcohol and I regularly participate in physical activities I enjoy.
I make time to practise self-care. This includes any activity I find energising, restorative or restful.
I trust my intuition. I listen to my heart as much as my head.
I feel confident about the way I manage my finances and financial plans.
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