Business Coaching for Women

Kate James is a small business coach in Melbourne. With over 30 years experience, Kate works with designers, healers, artists, marketers, musicians, yoga teachers, kinesiologists, psychologists and counsellors.

How does your business coaching work?

Kate’s business coaching is about offering you the support you most need. Kate will help you find a greater sense of clarity about your direction as well as the confidence to start moving forward. Clients begin with a single session and many find it helpful to book a five-session coaching program but Kate is happy to keep it flexible.

Small business coaching will help you to:

  • Develop a vision for your business and create a plan for achieving your goals
  • Overcome your self-limiting beliefs
  • Identify your ideal client and learn how to communicate your message authentically
  • Develop a simple but workable marketing plan and the confidence to sell without being ‘salesy’
  • Establish a positive mindset around making money
  • Understand your unique strengths (and what you should be delegating)
  • Network in a way that makes you comfortable
  • Find greater balance between business and life

Who are Kate’s business coaching clients?

Kate offers business coaching and business mentoring for women in Melbourne and online business coaching to owners of startup businesses across Australia. She specialises in working with creatives and spiritual teachers and her specialty is supporting clients who want to build confidence and self-belief.

Kate’s clients care about creating purpose-led businesses and building meaningful relationships and they want to make a positive difference in the world. Read about her ideal client here.

How is Kate different from other business coaches?

Kate specialises in working with creatives, spiritual teachers, introverts and those who feel a sense of ‘imposter syndrome’. Her clients describe her as a great listener and her coaching style is kind, gentle, intuitive, insightful and supportive.

Is online coaching or in-person best?

Online coaching is as effective as an in-person session. In some cases, it’s actually a better model for coaching. It’s time-efficient and very personal. If you’re still in doubt, give it a try. You might be surprised. If you’re interstate and keen to visit for an in-person session, we can recommend local accommodation options when you make your booking.

Single business coaching session fee

60-minute session: $295 (inclusive of GST)

Coaching program fee

3 x 60-minute sessions: $850 (including an option to pay in instalments)

5 x 60-minute sessions: $1,375 (including an option to pay in instalments)


More business coaching questions?

What is your business background?

Kate has a background in business, with over 30 years experience working with small business owners in Melbourne. Before starting Total Balance in 2002, she was a business manager for filmmakers, architects and designers. She studied coaching with one of the first international coaching schools and was one of the first coaches in Australia to achieve a PCC accreditation with International Coach Federation.

I’m not sure if I start with a single session or a program. What would you recommend?

Most business coaching women begin with a single session to ensure we’re a good fit for one another. After that, you’re welcome to book either a few additional sessions or a coaching program if you like the idea of ongoing accountability.

I’m not that interested in mindfulness. Does that mean you’re the wrong coach for me?

Not at all. Not everyone Kate sees is interested in mindfulness but it still influences her approach to working with you. Being mindful is really just another way of saying being present, curious, self-aware and non-judgmental. If those qualities appeal, you’ll enjoy working with Kate. She’s not at all dogmatic in her approach and she’s respectful that it might not be everyone’s thing.

Check out our frequently asked questions or find out more about Kate James and the clients she usually works with. Business coaching is generally tax deductible. Please confirm with your accountant.