Clare Bowditch<span>Big Hearted Business</span>
Clare BowditchBig Hearted Business

‘I absolutely adore Kate. She is a highly skilled, generous and enormously gifted business coach, especially for those who don’t traditionally consider themselves “business people”. I discovered her through sheer luck (thanks Google), and I remain sincerely grateful for the counsel she offered me back in 2010 when I was first fleshing out the bones for what would become Big Hearted Business. Thanks Kate!’

Jane Reiseger <span>Illustrator</span>
Jane Reiseger Illustrator
‘Kate is an amazing life coach who I have known for over 10 years. She has helped me on several occasions get back on track and find my direction when I have needed it. I would definitely recommend her for anyone who runs or wants to run their own business. She is particularly good with people wanting a creative path.’ Jane Reiseger, Illustrator
Lucy Mills<span>The Lighthaus</span>
Lucy MillsThe Lighthaus

‘I was fortunate to be involved in a mentoring group run by Kate James in 2015, who I have worked with personally for the last 18 months. Kate works with like-minded people so the group was a great fit and very supportive of each other. The content we covered applied to each of us who work across a variety of industries and focused not only on how to improve your business but also to get a balance in life which is often a challenge for business owners. Kate’s advice, guidance and support has been invaluable to me.’ https://thelighthaus.com.au/Lucy Mills, The Lighthaus

Tina van den Broek<span> The Food Artist</span>
Tina van den Broek The Food Artist

‘My discovery session with Kate was literally life changing. I liked how Kate aimed to find out about me and what I was hoping to get out of the session before we had even met.  The session was to help me articulate exactly what it is that I want to do with my art and illustration business, and to help me transition out of the 9-5 corporate pay check. Kate has the tools to extract information you have within you and the ability to present it back to you in a way that makes sense.  After the meeting I left feeling empowered and that my dreams can come true, and I had action steps for direction to make it a reality.’ Tina van den Broek

Megan Dalla-Camina<span>Coach & Author</span>
Megan Dalla-CaminaCoach & Author

‘Kate’s beautiful and inspiring book, Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love will lift you up, help you gain clarity, have you believing in yourself and put a smile on your face. Kate is simply one of the best teacher’s in living your best life with balance, integrity and a sense of calm that is all too rare these days. You will be so much better and happier from reading this gem of a book.’ Megan Dalla-Camina, megandallacamina.com

Jono Fisher <span>Wake Up Project</span>
Jono Fisher Wake Up Project

Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life is a beautiful and very practical book. It will open your heart and your life in unexpected ways.  Jono Fisher, Founder of the Wake Up Project and Mindful Leadership Forum 

Nikki Buckland <span>Paper Runway</span>
Nikki Buckland Paper Runway

‘I feel like Kate James’ book was written purely for me. It is exactly what I needed moving forward with business and personal goals. The way she has written engages you from it’s opening, draws you in, makes you feel like you are having a conversation with a wise and intuitive friend. The language and the way Kate speaks to you allows you to feel that it is okay to have self doubt or no routine but then in the same breath inspires you to be the best version of you that you can be. Absolute hands down the best self motivating book I have read in a long time. Kate is incredibly inspiring, kind, gentle and a salt of the earth person who you want to spend time with. Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love will be my pick me up bible.’ Nikki Buckland, Paper Runway

Robert Gerrish<span> Flying Solo</span>
Robert Gerrish Flying Solo

‘We were fortunate to have Kate as a speaker at our Flying Solo LIVE! conference in late 2009. Her session explored how to maintain balance while running and growing a business and the feedback from delegates was wonderful. Kate really ‘walks the talk’ and is clearly someone who has a great deal of expertise to share. Thank you Kate!’

David Michie <span>Author</span>
David Michie Author

‘Drawing on her wisdom and experience as a coach, Kate James has assembled a wonderful collection of invaluable insights, practical tools and life-enhancing advice in Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love to help us understand ourselves better and to find greater meaning in what we do. I only wish I’d discovered this book thirty years ago!’ David Michie

Erica Price <span>Athlete Coach</span>
Erica Price Athlete Coach

‘I had several business coaching sessions with Kate which were incredibly valuable.  I had just left my full time job and was starting my own Life Coaching for Athletes business.  Kate helped me define the purpose of my business, clarify my target market and implement steps to setting the business up.  What I loved the most about working with Kate was that I had someone in my corner, believing in me, encouraging me and helping me overcome obstacles.  I always felt on track and ready to get into action after coaching.  Kate has an incredibly positive and grounded energy that I connected to and trusted completely.  Thanks again Kate!’ Erica Price Coaching

Misty Johnson <span>The Gratitude Bike</span>
Misty Johnson The Gratitude Bike

‘Kate’s energy, flow and knowledge helps calm the overwhelm of starting a business. She acknowledges where you are, asks all the right questions, and provides resources to get your business off on the right foot. All this while enjoying and sharing the experience with a group of like-hearted supportive women. Completing the small business mentoring program has given me clarity around my business, where I want it to go, and how I intend to get it there. Kate really has created something super special.’ Misty Johnson, The Gratitude Bike

Mel Leeson <span>Mettle + Grace</span>
Mel Leeson Mettle + Grace

“The Boost Your Business workshop, provided me with a time-out from the consuming thoughts of my business for a moment of self-reflection and a review of my operations. We analysed our results from the Personality Test which I found reinforced belief in my skills and the natural fit of my business. Small business owners often feel fear, fear of failing, fear of the wrong approach, etc. We worked on our “Strong Business Self”, networked with a bunch of truly lovely ladies and had an inspiring morning! Thank you to Kate of Total Balance and Kate of BBB events.”
Mel Leeson, Mettle + Grace

Jane Edgley <span> Lalee Farm</span>
Jane Edgley Lalee Farm

“I just wanted to thank you for such an inspiring day. Your approach is so authentic and so personal. Your focus on us as individuals reminding us to focus on our strengths was both comforting and refreshing.  I cannot wait to work with you in the future.”
Jane Edgley, Lalee Farm

Catherine<span>The Wellbeing Corner</span>
CatherineThe Wellbeing Corner

‘I loved every minute of Kate’s small business mentoring program. While I really enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with running my own business, I can, at times, feel isolated and unsure when making big decisions. It was such a gift to be able to work with Kate and the wonderful group of warm, smart, dynamic, creative women that participated in the program. The resources, support and feedback I’ve received over the past three months has been invaluable. I’m just sad that it’s over!’ Catherine Morey-Nase, The Wellbeing Corner

Greg Pritchard<span> Dedication Group</span>
Greg Pritchard Dedication Group

‘I have had coaching sessions with Kate for a number of years through my time at Macquarie Bank and in starting Dedication Group. Kate has been both a source of guidance and a bedrock for when times are challenging. I have found Kate’s fresh perspective and positive belief in what I can achieve to be absolutely invaluable. I would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking to take their career or business to the next level.’

Audrey Reis<span>Melbourne </span>
Audrey ReisMelbourne

‘I came across Kate’s website by chance when searching for coaching. I was immediately drawn by her work and what she was offering. My life has turned a big corner after my discovery session with Kate. I was feeling very lost, unmotivated and in a very negative state of mind about my present and future professional life and my life general. After 10 years of successfully running a business in Australia I become a full time mum and my life changed direction. I was struggling to find out what I was really passion about and which direction I wanted to go after my career gap. Kate worked with me in a very powerful and honest way that help me to leave the session empowered and with a completely different outlook about my future. She helped me to realise my true potential and to work with what I know and am very good at. At the moment I am working on my new own business, and am very confident about my choices.  Kate is very professional, wise and grounded and when working with you she is fully present and committed to you.’

Angus Wurth<span>Bonsai Media</span>
Angus WurthBonsai Media

‘Kate’s approach in her coaching sessions is relaxed and friendly while being efficient and results driven. She very quickly understood where my business was at and as such was able to provide me actionable tasks that resulted in increased profit at a time when it was much needed. I will see Kate again and continue to recommend her to other business owners.’ Angus Wurth, Bonsai Media

Lou Spargo<span>Melbourne</span>
Lou SpargoMelbourne

‘What a fabulous program! I definitely won’t regret joining the mentoring group and thank you for giving me the opportunity. It was lovely to join a committed group of similarly minded people and share our common experience of planning and launching a small business. We all started and finished at slightly different stages but it didn’t matter as everyone was encouraged to work through the modules at their own pace and find their own unique process. Without a doubt, the act of sharing each week provided a solid foundation for accountability, support and inspiration. It will be lovely to keep in touch with this talented group of women and see the world embrace their extraordinary talents.’ Lou Spargo

Emma Murray <span>Photographer</span>
Emma Murray Photographer

‘The resources and advice I received during Kate James’ small business mentoring program gave me more clarity about the direction I’d like to take my business, and the tools and motivation to start making progress. The best part about the program was the lovely women I got to share it with — all from different backgrounds and able to share advice from their own experience. It was like having six extra coaches to provide support and hold me accountable. I would highly recommend the program to anyone starting their own business.’ Emma Murray, Elm Creative

Elise Bialylew <span>Mindful in May</span>
Elise Bialylew Mindful in May

‘I had some coaching sessions with Kate to help me in becoming clearer about a project that I dreamt of running. Kate is authentic, professional, sparkling with creativity and truly inspiring. She provided generous ideas and helped me to develop this idea into a reality. I had been to other career counsellors in the past but this was an entirely different experience for me. Kate’s practice is grounded in the wisdom of meditation and you can certainly feel her clarity in the room. I felt absolutely blessed that although I found her through a random web search, she proved herself to be so helpful. I have already spread the word to my friends and would highly recommend seeing her if you are needing inspiration and support to reach your goals.’ Elise Bialylew, Founder, Mindful in May

Julie Parker<span> Beautiful You Coaching Academy</span>
Julie Parker Beautiful You Coaching Academy

‘When you are a life and business coach yourself, who you choose to be your own coach is a big decision.  At a stage where my business was rapidly expanding with a waiting list that was starting to feel out of control, I knew I needed Kate’s expert guidance before I tipped into overwhelm.  Her calm presence, effective coaching and sound support were exactly what I needed to see me through an intense growth period.  In particular, coaching with Kate allowed me to step out of the day to day of my business and focus on how I could platform what I was doing for greater future success.  The result has been the beginnings of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy which I am now excited and energised about developing further.  Kate is brilliant at what she does and her coaching comes with my heartfelt recommendation.’ Julie Parker, Founder of Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Amy Crawford <span>The Holistic Ingredient</span>
Amy Crawford The Holistic Ingredient

‘Like everything that the gifted Kate James does, this delightful book is full of gentle, thoughtful and poignant messages that do as the very name says, it inspires the reader to Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love. This gorgeous book simplifies what can be a particularly overwhelming process of finding our true purpose; encouraging us to take time in this journey, to embrace vulnerability, to ask the deep seated questions of ourselves without judgement – but with self compassion and kindness. Gently directing our self discovery through her gorgeously positive words, Kate’s book is the perfect accompaniment to a comfy couch, countless cups of tea, scrap books and pencils. It is a must read for anyone questioning their journey and in need of further clarity and encouragement.’ Amy Crawford, The Holistic Ingredient


‘Kate’s online programs were exactly what I needed – energising. They clarified what I value and enjoy, and enabled me to start making gradual but significant changes that have transformed my life. While continuing to work full-time in a demanding role, I explored other options for work, began a creative project, rejuvenated my health, rediscovered meditation and my enjoyment of reading and music, travelled solo, and had my life enriched by the wonderful people I’ve met along the way. I relocated back to my home town, changed to part-time work and volunteering, and when I least expected it met the man who is now my husband. Through Kate’s eCourses, I finally took the time to ‘stop’, look at my strengths and limitations, trust my intuition and pursue changes calmly and confidently. I often refer back to the workbooks to stay true to the way I want to live. Thank you so much Kate!’

Lisa Beavan<span>LMB Web Design</span>
Lisa BeavanLMB Web Design

‘I’m not kidding when I say that I couldn’t recommend the Byron Bay meditation retreat more if I tried. It was the best thing I have done for years. The retreat was full of laughter, no judgements, great food, terrific company and connecting with creativity through sketching, painting, writing, photography and more. Kate and Judy provide a relaxing atmosphere, and there’s plenty of free time to do as you please. I haven’t felt this calm and a sense of clarity for a long time. Start saving now.’

Kirsten MacKelden <span>Real Weddings</span>
Kirsten MacKelden Real Weddings

‘Like many small businesses, our growth was rapid and exciting. Working with Kate as our business coach enabled us to put much-needed systems and processes in place to effectively streamline and manage our business. Kate worked with us to clarify our business focus and the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. Sometimes I couldn’t see the forest for the trees, but Kate had a knack for giving things clarity and putting things into perspective in a succinct and professional way. Meeting with Kate was always an enjoyable experience and we hope to continue our relationship with her as we take the business to another level.’

Jodie Holmes <span> Seaside Creative</span>
Jodie Holmes Seaside Creative

‘What has been true with your approach right from the beginning is that you’re not like any other coach. You listened to my personal/business challenges, and provided tools and insights to enable me to understand ways I could overcome the challenges I was faced with. You understood me and what I wanted from the coaching. I could not have envisaged the benefits that your coaching has made, or the results I’ve achieved after such a short period of time. The investment has paid for itself well over: in my new efficiencies, and releasing my focus on the one thing that had me frozen – unable to make progress. I now approach the future with excitement, anticipation, and empowerment. I would not hesitate to recommend Kate James of Total Balance to anyone who has goals and dreams, be it for life or business, that they want to achieve and don’t know where to begin, or how to get there.’

Sarah Fisher <span>denu</span>
Sarah Fisher denu

‘I loved my coaching sessions with Kate and miss them now we’re done! In a very friendly and positive manner Kate helped me to pinpoint exactly what I was looking for in my career. We identified my passions, my strengths, ultimate job criteria and a whole lot more, including balancing career and family life. As a result of our sessions, I am about to launch my own business – something Kate helped me realise I’d been wanting to do for years and that if I didn’t give it a go, I’d likely have regrets. Her supportive and no-nonsense approach, including a wealth of experience and professional network were invaluable in assisting me to take the first very exciting steps.’

Kerry Rowett <span>Awaken Kinesiology</span>
Kerry Rowett Awaken Kinesiology

‘Kate has a real gift for helping her clients stabilise when they’re going through challenges, or a time of growth. She has a wonderfully calm presence. Her advice is practical, grounded and strategic and she expertly guides you to seek your own solutions. In working with me on my kinesiology business during a time of expansion, Kate was able to help me formalise plans, work through many decisions and provide strategic guidance. Kate is generous in her nature and wonderfully affirming and encouraging. I have also seen the highly positive effects working with Kate has had on some of my clients, who always speak of her with the greatest respect.’

Cressida Bradley <span>Explosure </span>
Cressida Bradley Explosure

‘Kate showed me how to plan towards goals and activities that match my vision and strengths. Change is not scary or unsettling, it’s reinvigorating and natural. It just makes sense. These are life-long skills taught with such grace, logic and empathy. I’ll always be grateful for Kate’s insight and support.’ Cressida Bradley, Director of Explosure

Lesh Karan <span>The Mindful Foodie</span>
Lesh Karan The Mindful Foodie

‘After feeling stuck for some time, I decided to get help and booked a half-day Discovery Session with Kate James.  What attracted me to Kate is her mindfulness and non ‘ra ra’ approach to coaching. Kate helped me to become more self-aware and to ‘feel’ from the inside-out why is it I do what I do (i.e. my purpose). This made so much sense, as it makes the ‘what I do’ in my business so much easier when I’m clear on my purpose.  I feel clearer about my business and life and where I’m heading. Kate, thank you for such an insightful, warm and profound session.’  Lesh Karan, Mindful Health Coach & Writer

Tania Wilson<span>Mystic Monkey<span>
Tania WilsonMystic Monkey

‘The Calm Collection is a precious guide that should have permanent residency on your bedside table or on your iPod, iPad, laptop or Kindle! Kate reminds us, challenges us and gently guides us through the madness to a place we are all longing to reach. Love it.’

Sophie Orchard <span>Copywriter</span>
Sophie Orchard Copywriter

‘It feels as though Kate is wrapping her arms around you and gently equipping you with the tools to unlock your innate ability to be truly calm. Guided meditation, breathing styles and practical exercises get you thinking about how small changes can make a big difference to your life. The Calm Collection is not about ‘checking out’ of the modern world, but embracing it by being more mindful and kinder to your ‘self’. I love the eBook and the guided meditations ~ I wish she’d published them sooner!’

Dr Timothy Sharp<span>The Happiness Institute</span>
Dr Timothy SharpThe Happiness Institute

‘In Believe in Yourself & Do What You Love, Kate has beautifully captured, in her words and her design, the key elements that go to success and happiness in life. As many of us know, “common sense” is not very common but Kate reminds us of what we need to reminded of if we want to live our best possible lives.’ The Happiness Institute


Jaclyn Carlson <span>Blog Society</span>
Jaclyn Carlson Blog Society

Kate’s words in Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life so perfectly capture what every creative entrepreneur needs to hear, all packaged up in a beautiful keepsake to treasure. Her words are authentic, honest and advice the kind I keep referring back to again and again. An absolute must read.  Jaclyn Carlson, Blog Society

Liv Downing <span> Mindfulness Teacher </span>
Liv Downing Mindfulness Teacher

Kate James’ book, Be Mindful and Simplify your Life, is jam-packed with practical tools for bringing mindfulness into our busy modern lives. In bite-sized chunks, she provides an accessible and balanced view of truly living mindfully. She beautifully weaves science with spirituality and practice to present a compact handbook for mindful living. If you a wondering what all the current hype about this thing called “mindfulness” is and how you can genuinely bring it into your life, this is the book for you. Liv Downing, Co-founder Happy Melon Studios

Kelly Exeter<span>Flying Solo</span>
Kelly ExeterFlying Solo

Reading Be Mindful & Simplify Your Life was like a meditation. Written in Kate’s signature style, there is no judgement; no exhortations that you MUST do this or that. Rather, it is an invitation to make room for mindfulness in your life backed by generous tips for how to do just that. For anyone who is finding life a bit too overwhelming at the moment, this book will centre you, inspire you and equip you to make room in your life for less ‘doing’ and more ‘being’. Kelly Exeter, Editor of flyingsolo.com.au and author of Your Best Year Ever

Robert Rabbin <span>robertrabbin.com</span>
Robert Rabbin robertrabbin.com

‘I have known Kate for almost ten years. She is remarkable in many ways, but to my mind she is almost alone in one regard. I know many teachers and speakers, but amongst the many I know, Kate is distinctive in that she truly embodies what she teaches — not just in front of the room or on stage, but all the time. I told Kate the other day that she always makes me stop and pay attention, whenever I encounter anything she produces. I cannot rush past Kate or anything she does. She is too impeccable. She demands that I stop, become awake, alert, and aware. That’s why I trust her, without reservation, as a teacher. And, if you’re lucky like I am, you’ll get to call her your friend.’ Robert Rabbin

Leslie Barry<span>GetViable</span>
Leslie BarryGetViable

‘Kate has been pivotal in encouraging me to take the leap from my previous career to getting out and exceeding my own expectations by starting my business. My inner entrepreneur needed feeding again and each day is now filled with me loving what I’m doing. I’ve never worked harder or been more satisfied with ‘work’ and we’re on our way to making an impact in an area I’m passionate about. Highly recommended for totally balanced insight into your next career move.’

Fiona Claire Kiriakidis<span> Creative Workshops & Counselling</span>
Fiona Claire Kiriakidis Creative Workshops & Counselling

‘It is with great pleasure that I recommend your online programs.  Although I believed I was in touch with my visions and goals, doing the course reminded me of the importance of continuing to revisit, connect with and rejuvenate my ideas.  I particularly loved the mixture of open, brainstorming tasks with action oriented points; they were so well blended and put together that I didn’t notice I’d switched from having day dreaming to doing work.  I also thoroughly respected the theoretical framework and the research, other programs can be vague, full of hot air or offer nothing new –  but your work is thoroughly grounded in solidly researched approaches. Thanks Kate!’

Elizabeth Bull <span>Lizzy C Photography</span>
Elizabeth Bull Lizzy C Photography

‘I first engaged the services of Kate James as a business coach back during the initial stages of starting my business. Running a small business was still an unknown for me, and I felt alone and unsure of what I needed to do to make my business a success. Working with Kate really helped me clarify what I wanted to do and how I should go about doing it. She always gave me practical and achievable advice that worked well for my business and, importantly, aligned with my business ethics. Even many years after my initial meetings with Kate, I still regularly draw upon much of the advice she gave me. I credit a large part of my success to the advice and guidance she gave to me in the early days of my business, and the support she gives me to this day.’

Leanne Clancey <span> Food & Travel Writer</span>
Leanne Clancey Food & Travel Writer

‘I first met with Kate when I was at a real career crossroads. Kate helped me to nut out my values and aspirations, recognise my natural talents and then identify opportunities and pathways for me to put that all together so that I could actually make stuff happen. I love the way that Kate was able to calmly and pragmatically break things down to the basics. Put simply, working with Kate helped me to get clear – which has been nothing short of life changing.’ Leanne Clancey, Food & Travel Writer