Included below are a few coaching case studies, outlining how I’ve helped other clients. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Sarah learned to quieten her inner critic

Sarah works in a corporate role and she’s very good at what she does but she has a persistent (and loud) inner critic. She often compares herself unfavourably to her colleagues and as a result, feels less confident in her role. She came to see me when she missed out on a promotion because she wasn’t able to sell herself well in the interview process.

We worked together to help Sarah understand and articulate her strengths and to help her connect with the more confident part of herself. Sarah learned to quieten her inner critic and to embrace the qualities that are unique to her. By the time we completed our coaching, Sarah was preparing to interview for another internal promotion. She was much more confident in her ability to sell herself.

Caitlin is more confident to be herself

Caitlin is a senior associate at a law firm in the city and she feels the she doesn’t fit the mould of a typical partner (which is her ultimate goal). She has great people skills but she’s more introverted than her colleagues and she prefers going home to family over joining work drinks or attending events.

We worked together to identify Caitlin’s strengths and I helped her to recognise the value she adds to the firm. Her confidence grew and she learned to speak up about her achievements. She felt more engaged in her work and less inclined to compare herself to colleagues.

Maeve rebranded her business and launched an online course

Maeve is a psychologist who specialises in working with couples. She started her business five years ago and now has a different client base and a different focus from when she began. We worked together to refresh her branding, build a new website and launch an online course to generate some passive income.

Aesha became a more confident communicator

Aesha is a marketing manager at a professional services organisation and she has a team of four reporting to her. The business was going through a lot of change and Aesha was finding it difficult to get access to her boss. More often than not, their scheduled meetings were cancelled at the last minute because of other priorities. Aesha found herself taking this personally and she began to feel like an ‘imposter’ in her role.

We worked together over three months and Aesha learned to speak up about the importance of meeting with her manager and she began to feel more valued in her role.

Millie started a creative side-project

Millie works full-time in a digital marketing role. She’s also a talented amateur photographer. Her passion is photographing people.

Feeling less fulfilled in her day job but knowing she still needed a regular income, Millie opted to start a side-project to engage her creative talent.

After working together for three months, Millie established her side-project as a small business and she had acquired several paying clients. Her goal is to keep building the business so she can eventually work part-time in her day job while supplementing her income with photography.