Included below are a few coaching case studies, outlining how I’ve helped other clients. Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Sarah learned to quieten her inner critic

Sarah works in a corporate role and she’s very good at what she does but she has a persistent (and loud) inner critic. She often compares herself unfavourably to her colleagues and as a result, feels less confident in her role. She came to see me when she missed out on a promotion because she wasn’t able to sell herself well in the interview process.

We worked together to help Sarah understand and articulate her strengths and to help her connect with the more confident part of herself. Sarah learned to quieten her inner critic and to embrace the qualities that are unique to her.

Pete feels more comfortable to be himself

Pete is typical of lots of the men I work with. He has great people skills and he’s a little more sensitive and introverted than most of the men in his workplace. He’d rather spend time with his family on the weekend than go out drinking with the boys. Pete’s a senior associate at a law firm in the city and he’s aware of not fitting the mould of a typical partner (which is his ultimate goal).

We worked together to discover Pete’s strengths and I helped him to recognise the value he adds to his firm. Pete’s confidence grew and he learned to speak up a bit more about his achievements. He felt happier within himself and more relaxed to go about his work in his own way.

Hannah improved relationships with her family

Hannah comes from a big family and in her words, she’s the black sheep of the family. Her parents and siblings are academic people while Hannah has always been creative.

Over the years, her relationships had become a bit strained and Hannah was conflicted in her life choices. We worked together to help Hannah find her way back to her family while holding onto her own values and creating a life she would love without feeling that she was letting anyone else down.

Millie started a creative side-project

Millie works full-time in a digital marketing role. She’s also a talented amateur photographer. Her passion is photographing people.

Feeling less fulfilled in her day job but knowing she still needed a regular income, Millie opted to start a side-project to engage her creative talent.

After working together for three months, Millie established her side-project as a small business and she had acquired several paying clients. Her goal is to keep building the business so she can eventually work part-time in her day job while supplementing her income with photography.

David became a more confident leader

David is a marketing manager in a building company and he has a team of four reporting to him. The business has grown quickly and he was finding it difficult to get access to his boss. More often than not, their scheduled meetings were cancelled at the last minute because of other priorities. David often felt like an ‘imposter’ in his role.

We worked together over three months and David achieved a clear understanding of his strengths and the value he could bring to his role. He shaped his role to be a better fit for his strengths and his confidence has grown as a result.