Included below are a few life and career coaching case studies, outlining how I’ve helped several clients. Names have been changed for privacy.

Rebecca discovered how to market her small business

Rebecca is a talented photographer but she lacked confidence to sell and market her services. We worked together over a four-month period and established a marketing strategy and marketing plan and some clear goals for her business.

After two months working together, Rebecca had three new corporate clients and just as we were finishing up our coaching, she called to tell me one of those corporate clients had invited her back for a second job.

David developed the confidence to be a stronger leader

David is a marketing manager in a building company and he has a team of four reporting to him. The business has grown quickly and he was finding it difficult to get access to his boss. More often than not, their scheduled meetings were cancelled at the last minute because of other priorities. David felt unsupported and like an ‘imposter’ in his role.

We worked together over three months and at the end of our coaching, David understood his strengths and had a clear understanding of the value he was bringing to his role. He had the confidence to make business decisions and to ask more of his team. His boss no longer cancels their meetings.

Jenny learned to manage stress and enjoy life more

Jenny is 38 and single. She hadn’t imagined that life would turn out the way that it has. She thought that by now she’d be married with a couple of kids and a loving partner. She doesn’t mind her work (she’s a project manager) but increasingly, she was finding that when it was busy in the office, any extra work was being handed to her because her colleagues had to get home to their families.

She started to feel a bit resentful and ultimately, quite stressed. Jenny and I spent three sessions together and we created strategies for managing stress and setting more effective boundaries and we explore ideas about how she could create a fulfilling life, despite the fact that things aren’t quite as she’d hoped they would be.

Pete discovered his unique strengths and now feels more comfortable to be himself

Pete is typical of lots of the men I work with. He’s not your average macho guy. He has great people skills and he’s a little more sensitive and introverted than most of the men in his workplace. He’d rather spend time with his family on the weekend than go out drinking with the boys. Pete’s a senior associate at a law firm in the city and he’s aware of not fitting the mold of a typical partner (which is what his ultimate goal is).

We worked together to discover Pete’s strengths and I helped him to recognise the value he adds to his firm. Pete’s confidence grew and he learned to speak up a bit more about his achievements. He felt happier within himself and more relaxed to go about his work in his own way.

Sarah found an interest that satisfied her yearning to be more creative

Sarah is stuck in a corporate role for now because she and her partner made the decision to buy their dream home – so there’s a hefty mortgage to pay. She’s not that happy with her work, it’s dry and somewhat uninteresting, so she came to me to learn about how to renew her passion for life.

Over three sessions, we looked at what was missing. She wasn’t socialising as much as she had in the past so we reinstated some of that but importantly, she discovered that despite not feeling particularly creative, she was yearning to do something with her hands. Sarah took a few short courses and eventually discovered a passion for interior design and in particular, restoring chairs. She worked on a few personal projects first and then did a couple of small jobs for friends. She took ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots and created a blog where she shared her photographs and stories. Even though she could only spend a few hours each week on her creative project, she spent hours dreaming about fabrics and colour and discovered a whole new lease on life!