More coaching testimonials

“As soon as I met Kate, I knew I had come to the right place.  Kate has a way of connecting naturally, genuinely and authentically with her clients and I felt this immediately.  It took her a very short time to really tap into who I was, where I’m at in life and the resources she recommended and suggestions she made in our first coaching session were wonderful and spot on in what spoke to me and resonates with me, right now.  I came for coaching with Kate as due to health difficulties, I feel “stuck” in life where despite circumstances, I still really want to achieve goals (career and personal) and re-gain confidence in myself.  Working with Kate, I feel I can benefit with positive clarity and direction in moving forward with how I truly want to live my life.  Kate is very respectful and understanding to talk to and her positive energy is really inspiring.  She certainly makes me feel comfortable and that I can achieve goals and dreams, despite obstacles.  I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with Kate and feel very blessed to have connected with her.  I’ve enrolled in the Dream. Discover. eCourse and am very much looking forward to this – to proactively work on positive changes in life.  I also found my meditation session with Kate to be wonderful.  She is  very skilled at explaining mindfulness, guiding meditations and explaining breathing techniques to help aid relaxation.  It’s definitely an area I wish to explore and develop further, daily for myself.”  Katie

“I can’t even tell you how Kate changed my life. What I can say is that in my first session I was in a job I really didn’t like, terrified and deeply unsure about making change. I was existing rather than living. I had five sessions with Kate – sort of fortnightly  – and she helped me step through some monumental changes. Today, I am actually a different person – in a wonderful job I love so much and in another city. My life hadn’t really taken the direction I’d hoped for so I was at a place that I didn’t really like. Kate helped me get back to the sort of life I might have dreamed about – different to the first dream, but absolutely as fulfulling.” Rebecca

‘I went to see Kate when I was a bit confused with things and needed some support and guidance with my life. Kate helped me break down into a manageable process a way to confirm and have confidence in the meaning of the different parts of my life including personally, my family and my business. In the time we spent together, Kate’s empathy and understanding along with her subtle confidence and guidance helped me see things in a new light. Kate helped me identify some of the influencing factors that have made me the person I am today and furthermore, how to accept and deal with that. I’m now a more balanced ‘me’. I highly recommend Kate if you feel like you just want to get your head in the right spot so you can feel more free to grow.’ Carl

“I can’t recommend the coaching sessions with Kate James highly enough. I was very sceptical about them before starting – imagining they would be full of corporate psychology jargon. But in fact, I gained far more from them than I ever imagined, on both a personal and professional level. The sessions are interactive, and conducted in a warm and positive manner, which encourages honesty and self-reflection, and extremely practical in focus. Their great strength is that they focus on your whole life and the way you live it, not just on your role as a manager. I’ve learned a great deal both in terms of how I lead my life and how I perform in management, the one informing the other. This holistic, down-to-earth approach has been the most helpful and realistic counselling/coaching I’ve ever had.” Executive, Melbourne

“Kate has helped me a lot: firstly to see my goals more clearly and secondly to achieve them by breaking them down into manageable chunks. She is very talented at ‘listening’ between the lines and gives easy to follow advice on how to move forward in life. Her positive feedback and constructive criticism have helped me stay on track when I was lacking motivation. Thank you, Kate, for helping me to see areas of my life in a different perspective and showing me how to work on my goals in order to feel more in control of my life.” WK, Melbourne

“I had decided to see Kate for coaching during a stage when I was unhappy with the way my life was progressing. I was stuck in a job I no longer cared for and had lost direction with what I wanted, and in fact liked, about myself and my career. I had become anxious and full of self-doubt. By slowly breaking down what I wanted to achieve in long and short-term goals I was able to tackle (and continue to) each point. After two months of coaching I have found a job in an area that has more careers prospects and I am now tackling larger issues of friendships and relationships. My anxiety dissipated and my self esteem improved. Kate doesn’t provide the answers for you, just the skills to help you build the blocks to taking control of your life.” KM, Melbourne

“Kate James is an inspiration! She has the natural talent of being able to read a person like a book. During my time as a client of Kate’s I found myself in a situation of blaming someone else for my problems and Kate was able to read both the situation and myself perfectly by gently prodding me to address the situation in a way that achieved the desired result for both parties. I want to thank her for her compassionate nature and her gift of understanding what was required by backing her intuition and her judgement. Kate truly knows people.” Mark Durkin, National Account Manager, Bolle Australia