Having trained in meditation 30 years ago, Kate James has been a mindfulness and meditation coach for almost two decades. One of the first mindfulness coaches in Australia, Kate has written several best-selling books to make mindfulness accessible to a wide audience.

Kate hosts online mindfulness workshops for corporate groups, small business and not-for-profits in a mainstream way, making course content engaging to all audiences. She also hosts online mindfulness workshops for individuals on a regular basis.

Kate is one of Insight Timer’s popular meditation coaches with over 80,000 followers and 5 million plays.


Introduction to mindfulness

Three sessions held weekly or fortnightly, 30 or 45-minute sessions

Each session commences with a brief practice; we discuss session content and finish with a five to ten-minute meditation

  • The basics of mindfulness including benefits, how to practise and overcoming barriers
  • Mindfulness of body
  • Mindfulness of breath

Living & working mindfully

Four sessions held weekly or fortnightly, 45 or 60-minute sessions

Each mindfulness workshop commences with a brief practice; we discuss session content and finish with a five to ten-minute meditation

  • Understanding the principles and benefits of mindfulness and how these principles can be used to reduce stress, cope with uncertainty and improve self-care and wellbeing.
  • Learning to be mindful of thoughts and feelings and overcoming habitual patterns of negative thinking and worry.
  • Being aware of and making conscious choices about behaviours that enhance or inhibit wellbeing while working from home.
  • Based on the research of self-compassion by Dr Kristen Neff, we’ll focus on the power of compassion and self-compassion in times such as these.

Who are our online mindfulness workshops for?

Kate has worked with a wide range of clients across Australia over the past two decades including Origin Energy, University of Melbourne, Latrobe University, RMIT, The Body Shop, Sensis, Freehills, Middletons, Mallesons, Phillips Fox, Bolle, IBM, Aviva, Coles, CSIRO, Cadbury Schweppes, Urbis, Macquarie Bank, ANZ, NAB, Bank West, Austereo, Clemenger, CHE, George Patts, Ogilvy, BWM, Village Roadshow, Department of Transport, Department of Human Services, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Department of Justice, Financial Ombudsman Service, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Whitelion and Kids Under Cover.

Online mindfulness workshop benefits

Participants report feeling calmer, less stressed and more aware of how mindfulness can be incorporated into every day. Mindfulness helps in many ways.

  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • improves sleep quality
  • increases self-awareness
  • helps to balance the negative bias of the brain
  • reduces self-judgement and self-criticism
  • improves relationships
  • reduces reactivity
  • feel more resilient, positive and motivated.

What participants say

“I have regularly attended Kate’s Thursday afternoon sessions which are perfectly timed towards the end of a busy week. I have found myself looking forward to each session and in fact when work pressures start to impinge, desperate not to miss them. Kate’s sessions are top-notch and a beacon of light in a raging sea of Zoom meetings and a barrage of emails/chats. Please bring Kate back.”

“The mindfulness sessions with Kate James being offered has been really useful to take a break from the hectic schedule at home. The breathing exercises have helped manage stress, and also focus on the task at hand. Overall, it has been great to have these sessions to talk about how we feel and how we handle our emotions through these techniques. Thank you for organising.”

“Every week I look forward to Kate’s gentle voice and her wealth of knowledge in this field. One of the skills I have taken away is self-compassion which I will practice from time to time. Hope to have Kate again for more mindfulness sessions.”

“Thanks for organising these sessions. I’m practising Buddhist meditation and studying theory for a long time but I enjoyed listening to Kate’s talks and explanations. She presented the content beautifully. Hopefully, people who participated will see the benefits and practice it continuously.”

Online mindfulness workshop booking