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    7 ways to create positive change in your life


    More often than not, powerlessness is a perception, rather than a reality. From time to time, we all make excuses about why we can’t proactively create much-needed change in our lives.

    We tell ourselves, “I don’t want to rock the boat”, “I don’t want people to think badly of me”, “I don’t want to make a mistake” or “I have no influence over this”. Then we wait passively and patiently for life to improve by chance.

    Some situations aren’t easy to change, but the truth is many are. Being proactive about creating change means claiming back your power and ultimately, your energy. It means moving your life in the direction of your hopes and dreams. You’ll be amazed by how much less depleted you feel when you take even the smallest action towards positive change.

    We might assume that the people who take control of their lives are assertive and confident types. However, you don’t need to be completely confident in order to create change in your life – you just need to make the decision to take the first step.

    1. Decide what you want from your life. Start making small inroads that give you purpose and help to create the change you desire. Don’t wait for new friends, a new partner or your dream role to land in your lap.
    2. Start doing instead of dreaming. Don’t just talk about the things you’re passionate about. Put a plan into action to set up a side business, take a trip, start a blog. It may require many steps, but the first step is the most important.
    3. Demonstrate you’re capable. If you’re seeking to advance your career, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your abilities at work. Note your achievements. Make a meeting time with your boss and point out that you’d be comfortable performing a more senior position and you’d like to be considered for promotion when an opportunity arises.
    4. Open up a discussion instead of waiting for someone else to start the conversation (even if it’s a difficult one).
    5. Define your own version of authenticity and show up as yourself in every situation. Stop selling yourself short by adapting who you are to fit in with the people you’re with.
    6. Slow down. If you’re exhausting yourself by constantly taking on too much or not setting boundaries around your most important priorities, take some time to look at how you can create more balance.
    7. Nourish your mind and body with healthy food, exercise and meditation to improve your health and energy. Be mindful of what you can enjoy in your life right now.
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    Kate James

    About the author

    Kate James is an author, coach and mindfulness teacher. She works with female leaders and business owners to help them clarify their values and strengths and discover a mindset that allows them to live confident, purposeful lives.