How do I choose the best life coach for me?

How do you know who will be the best life coach for you? With over 20 years experience working as a life, career and business coach, I know that I’m not the right coach for everyone. I thought it might be helpful to share some tips so that you can choose the best life coach for you.

Be your life coach’s ideal client

Most coaches will be able to tell you a bit about their ideal client. In my case, for example, I work with clients who identify more as introverts than extroverts. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy working with people who are more outgoing, it just means that most people who enjoy working with me have the qualities that many introverts express such as a vigilant inner critic, a tendency to perfectionism and a certain sensitivity to life.

Your values will align with your best life coach

If you can find a coach who has similar values to yours, you’ll feel a greater sense of connection and it’s likely that your coach will have a better understanding about why certain goals matter to you.

My coaching practice is best suited to clients who care about living mindfully, making a contribution in some way and living a simple and peaceful life. This aligns with my own values of kindness, generosity, inner-harmony, connection, creativity, contribution, integrity and wisdom.

Choose a coaching format that suits you best

Many life and career coaches work with clients on a program basis, meaning you’ll lock into a set number of sessions held over a certain period of time. I’ve offered this too over the years but these days, I begin with a single session to establish your needs. After the first session, we work out what will be best for you going forward.

The best life coach for you will guide you about the frequency of sessions but also listen to what it is that you need. Some clients like working with their coach on a weekly basis; others find that a fortnightly or monthly appointment is enough. In my case, my clients are self-motivated so my sessions are held less frequently – we meet fortnightly, monthly and in the case of some long-term clients, even less often than that.

Life coaching fees

Life coaching fees vary hugely in Australia (and across the world) so it can be confusing to work out what you should be paying. Coaching fees generally begin at around $150 and can be as high as $1,000 per session. I recommend choosing your coach based on how well they fit with your needs, rather than basing your decision on their hourly rate. If you find a coach that’s an ideal fit, you’re likely to need fewer sessions and you’ll get great value from your work together.

Read the reviews

Most coaches will include testimonials and reviews on their website or on Google. Read through the reviews and look for phrases, words and outcomes that really resonate with you.

Trust your intuition

Of all the things you can do, this is the best advice I can offer. You’ll know when you’ve found the best life coach for you. Your intuition will tell you.

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