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    Using creative visualisation to discover your dreams

    creative visualisaion

    I’m reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain and to be honest, I’ve always had mixed feelings about the whole ‘law of attraction’ thing. Not because I don’t believe in it (I do), but because I think visualisation can sometimes be used for the wrong reasons.

    My feeling is that before you begin to create a vision for your ideal life and start ‘putting it out there’, you need to first clarify your values and your life purpose. From a values and purpose base, your vision is more likely to be truly meaningful and authentic – and ultimately, it will be much more fulfilling than if you begin by simply scribbling down a few goals.

    The problem with a simple goals-based approach is that in Western cultures we tend to focus on extrinsic goals such as those surrounding status, money or power rather than intrinsic goals such as personal development, developing relationships or contributing to community. Research tells us it’s the latter group that will really make us happy.

    This isn’t to suggest that it’s wrong to set goals such as achieving a promotion or earning more money. But it’s important to think about how these goals will help you grow in meaningful ways – for example, an increase in income might mean a holiday with friends or family.

    Once you’re clear about your vision, using creative visualisation can really help bring your dreams to life.

    Here’s a snapshot of how, but I’d highly recommend that you grab a copy of Shakti’s book too:

    • Focus on your vision often and send it positive energy but don’t cling to it, stay open-minded. Sometimes things don’t work out quite as you had planned but often in the long run, that’s for the best.
    • Use affirmations, but make sure they are believable – for example ‘I am a warm and loving person surrounded by people who love me’.
    • Believe that you deserve to achieve your dreams.
    • Adopt an abundance mentality. Give of yourself more freely and believe that there is enough love, money and energy to go around.
    • Meditate often and connect with a sense of spirituality.
    • And finally, take one small action step in the direction of your dreams.

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