Discover Your Purpose eBook

Connect with the most confident, authentic version of yourself to discover your life purpose.

Identify your values and strengths, reconnect with your interests and passions, and uncover the elements of your ideal life. Unlock the limiting beliefs that stop you from living with purpose.

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The Discover Your Purpose eBook

This 37-page eBook includes exercises to help you:

  • understand your personal values
  • identify and follow your unique strengths, interests and passions
  • identify and overcome the beliefs and behaviours that hold you back
  • discover your life purpose
  • learn how to start living with purpose and meaning.

Take the path towards your ideal life

The Discover Your Purpose eBook will guide you to a life purpose that is inspiring and energising. The exercises will help you pursue the life that best suits your talents, values and passions. It will improve your confidence and clarify your decision-making, to help ensure the next steps you take are focussed and meaningful.

What’s included?

  • A 37-page fillable eBook delivered to your inbox immediately so you can start discovering your purpose today.
  • Guided Life Purpose meditation by Kate James.
  • This content is yours so you can come back to it as often as you need to.

What people are saying

The Discover your Purpose eBook is one of Kate’s most recent editions to her e-learning resources. A distillation of her many years of meditation, life coaching and mentoring, Kate has presented a tangible ‘workbook’ as an intuitive process towards finding your life purpose. The workbook is garnished with images and quotes in a tranquil and creative way, keeping you centred and inspired on what is a steady (and sometimes daunting) journey. For me, it was an immensely beneficial and insightful process in articulating my yogic path. Whether this is your first or fiftieth contact with Kate’s exceptional work, give yourself the time and permission to explore.’ Caroline Giles, Yoga Therapist & Yoga Teacher, Experience Yoga

“Thanks Kate for a wonderful opportunity to pull together an organised view of my world. For the first time I really feel like I know myself!” Jenny, Melbourne

“The only person who can really make a change in my life is me, but in this program Kate provided fabulous insights, thought-provoking exercises that motivated me to look at myself in a new way and believe that I can create a truly fulfilling and joyful life for myself.” Sarah, Adelaide

“Thanks Kate for the opportunity to participate in your program. I found it inspiring, life-changing, challenging and eye-opening and would recommend it to anybody, whether they’re looking to find their direction or otherwise.” Sue, Sydney

How much is it?

$29 AUD (includes a bonus Life Purpose guided meditation)


Option to add on coaching with Kate James

If you feel stuck and need some extra help, you have the option to work with Kate one-on-one. Please contact us for details.

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