FAQ Creative Women Mentoring Program

What will I get from the program?

Possibly the most important aspect of this program is the interaction with other like-minded women who are in a similar position to you. Kate will share some business coaching tips at each of the webinars and morning teas and you’ll be asked to commit to your most important weekly objectives each week in the Facebook group. This is a critical part of the program so we ask that you take this seriously if you really want to benefit!

How much time will I need to set aside?

There’ll be a small amount of optional work to complete outside of our webinars and morning teas but no more than an hour or so each fortnight. We know you’re busy so the aim is to make this enjoyable and inspiring but for you to decide how much work you can commit to. You’ll set your own objectives and the rest of us will be here to keep you accountable.

Will it help as much as individual coaching?

A group program is quite different to individual coaching. You’ll be sharing the sessions with other participants so there’s less time to talk about your specific business concerns but you’re going to learn from others as you listen to them share their stories. You’re going to enjoy meeting a group of inspiring, like-minded women who are experiencing similar challenges to yours and who value doing business in the way you do. If you’re looking specifically for individual support, you will probably find it more beneficial to work with Kate one-on-one.

Is the Facebook Group completely private?

Our Facebook group is a Closed group which means that only members can view your posts. For more information about the visibility of the group please visit this page.

How much should I participate in the Facebook Group?

This is entirely up to you but we are asking that you make a commitment each Monday to your most important objectives for the week. Some people find that they get a lot out of interacting with others and some people find they are better working alone. You’ll be surprised how supportive a community like ours is and how considerate and thoughtful people will be but having said that, many participants work at their own pace and don’t engage in a huge amount of discussion online.

I don’t use Facebook. Does that mean I can’t participate in the Facebook Group?

You’ll need a Facebook account to join in the conversation. We’ve had earlier program participants who signed up for Facebook just for the support group. You can make all of your settings private so you don’t need to add friends or interact on Facebook in any other way.

Technical requirements

We recommend that you are using the most up to date version of your web browser (our preferences are Firefox, Safari or Chrome) and you’ll need a reasonable internet speed for the webinars. The technology is simple and easy to use so you shouldn’t run into any issues.

What’s your refund policy?

We want you to be happy so if you’re not completely satisfied, we extend a thirty-day money back guarantee on the program, but there is one condition. You need to let us know that you have given the material your best shot. In order to process your refund, we’ll ask that you send us a copy of your completed worksheets and let us know why the program failed to meet your expectations. We want to make sure we do whatever we can to improve it for future participants.

My question wasn’t answered here.

If we haven’t answered your question, please email us on office [at] totalbalance.com.au. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours (unless it’s a weekend, which may take a little longer). If you don’t hear from us within that time frame, feel free to call us on 03 9505 0424.