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    Changemaker: Tracy Pec, Feng Shui Consultant


    One of the things I have loved most about moving to the Mornington Peninsula has been connecting with local women who are running their own business. One of those women is feng shui consultant, Tracy Pec.

    Like many of the women I’ve met, Tracy is someone I could happily spend hours with. She’s grounded and calm and it’s an inspiration to see how she has evolved her business. Maybe it’s the blend of the bush, the ocean and the bay that invites such creativity but I suspect also, it’s the deep desire to make the most of this peaceful environment and to share its beauty with others. Once you’re here, you never want to leave.

    I invited Tracy to be the first interview in the new series I’m calling Changemakers. It occurred to me some time ago that everyone I work with (and everyone who inspires me) wants to change the world in some way. My hope is that by sharing stories about the changes we want to see or be a part of, we might encourage one another to take positive action in our own lives.

    I think you’ll enjoy spending time with Tracy as much as I did. Her insights on how to live a purposeful life, how to discover your own version of spirituality and her reading, listening and cooking inspiration certainly brightened my day.

    Can you tell us a little bit about your business?

    I have been forever curious about how we live and how we can live better.

    So, I became a healer, a feng shui consultant and public speaker in the hope of sharing my passion in awakening ourselves and our living environments potential.

    I have devoted the last 27 years to learning, exploring and researching many different healing modalities and tools to improve and understand our living and working spaces in regard to land choice; architecture; design and space.

    I love that every home, land, workspace has a unique story and intention that is ever-changing as we grow and evolve.

    I love that each change, whether it be a floorplan design, a space clearing, a colour change, a bed repositioning can all contribute to putting us in the right direction of living with greater awareness and intention.


    We’re doing this interview in the midst of stage four lockdown in Victoria. How have you managed this challenging time?

    From a practical point of view, I ‘zhuzhed’ our little living zones.

    Creating spaciousness and nurture inside and outside of our home, setting up spaces that visually delighted and hugged our family.

    This has certainly meant getting out ‘life’s tool kit’ alongside verdant plant life, lots of beeswax candles, aroma and of course a smooth playlist.

    Once the foundation was set, my next step was letting go of the ‘monkey mind’ and giving myself permission to go with the current flow and listen to what we all needed day today.

    Particularly in regard to kid’s homeschooling,  ‘Zoom’ meetings and working from home.

    In actual fact, I have actually embraced this time and have seen it as a gift to slow down further and look at a bigger picture.

    I think sometimes the universe works in ways that challenge us at the perfect moment to put us on a journey of self-upgrade and change…

    I think this also requires us to be in the present moment and know that we are not given any more than we can cope with.  To trust that the change is needed for our next chapters in life.

    I have learnt on my own journey that sometimes the challenge does not always come in the neat package we expect, but if we let go of our expectation and fixed outcomes the messy and chaotic package outcome can be so much better than what we thought we needed and wanted at the time…

    So, I have spent many moments walking, yoga-ing, reading, writing, gardening, cooking whole food and connecting with my family and soul tribe.

    Practising being present in order to listen, acknowledge and accept all healing that is needed for myself, family, home, land… and world.

    The feng shui numerology and astrology has certainly helped me with this, as the knowledge gifted in both has given me incredible guidance – understanding what needs to be a priority in this now moment in regard to what is ‘written in the stars. ‘

    For the past few years, there has been a gentle nudge directing us to all slow down… embrace, reconnect and awaken our Yin – female… reassess how we presently live in a very fast-paced, industrial world.

    I understand through the same numerology forecast that we are at the beginning of a more impatient nudge… which will continue to birth over the coming years into 2024.


    What do you love most about your working for yourself?

    Certainly, the freedom… but also the self-discipline and the want or passion I have for exploring new ways to expand, grow and share what I do.  It becomes a part of your life, a service that connects you with an expansive purpose to grow together.

    And what are you missing the most at the moment?

    Sharing a meal and a glass of wine with family and friends…

    I am also a little bit of a free floater… so I would definitely say my freedom to walk in my many little nooks on the peninsula and beyond.


    One thing that struck me when we worked together is that your business has a beautiful spiritual feel to it. How would you describe the way you view spirituality?

    I was on a lovely self-holiday in Canggu, Bali a few years ago and I had just had a divine healing massage and papaya wrap before sitting down to a foot massage and pedicure.  I was glowing and couldn’t stop smiling.  The lady next to me, who was on a well-earned group retreat at the same eco-resort, started talking with me…. She was surprised I was there alone, and asked me many questions about my family, self, work, daily routine…. At the end of our conversation, she explained that she would like to do so many of the things I had spoken about with her – ‘one day’ I will start, she said.

    It made me realise that firstly, we are all ‘spiritual’ and being ‘spiritual’ doesn’t fit into your daily planner.  It is a way of life.  Each day you add a little more change to the busy and overwhelming that you have created, and you allow spirituality and presence be in the mundane, you invite it into your days by saying ‘yes’ to yourself and ‘no’ to another, you embrace it by connecting with and listening to your inner self-guidance, and you accept the imperfect as perfect in yourself and in another.

    “I have come to learn that spirituality is not only found in a quiet cave, a yoga retreat or on a healing course… it is mostly found in the present chaos where you learn to flow with the current while finding your centre in amongst the reality ride.”


    For me, spirituality is all about finding your worth and centre in all weather.  It’s easy when it is sunny and calm and takes a little practice and self-accountability in the windy and stormy.

    It’s the merging relationship we have with all living things and the energy surrounding us, understanding we are all connected.

    Can you tell us a bit about what gives you a sense of purpose – in business and in life?

    Being a part of growth and change.  My life and business purpose are quite connected.  I love my work as a feng shui consultant and very much find my purpose in continuously growing and improving to be the best version of myself and sharing this with others.

    I think seeing in different colours to what you were told to see in order to reach the potential of all we can be and create together, as a family, community, a world, is the purpose.

    Sharing this with my children and others excites me, even more, knowing that you each have a piece of the puzzle to contribute.

    My dream would be to see us all live in environments that we merge with, spaces that nourish and support us, that shelter us with wellness and love.


    Where do you go for inspiration, creative or otherwise?

    For the day to day inspiration and creative flow…The beach would be my local hotspot.  Swimming, paddle boarding or writing a report in a borrowed beach house.

    Going for a nature walk in the many beautiful nooks on the Mornington Peninsula and Tasmania is another must-have when I am connecting to ‘downloads’ or intuitive messages and guidance.

    To come home to myself.

    For greater inspiration and creativity, travel is my big must-have.  I am very passionate about observing how we live around the world – the differences and the similarities, the way we interact with each other, the landscape, architecture, history, the food we eat, the homes we live in and how we colour and furnish them… I love it!


    What are you reading / listening to / cooking at the moment?


    Currently can get enough of reading, so I have a few books on the go – Pam Gregory The Language of the Universe.  Toko-pa’s Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home and I have just started Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta.

    I am listening to:

    Stan Getz, João Gilberto and Ajeet – Haseya

    I am cooking:

    A yummy slow-cooked organic chicken and pumpkin curry with kefir lime leaves and coriander….topped with yogurt, cucumber and lime.

    A slow-cooked whole organic sweet potato with spinach and chard, roasted almonds, crème fraiche and goat cheese is another easy lunch feast.

    Wild rice salad with garden greens, topped with roasted currents, chilli, ginger, kaffir lime, a little olive oil and fresh lime juice – YUM.


    What’s one piece of advice you’d offer to someone wanting to go into their own business?

    Have courage, passion and self-discipline.  It’s essential to believe in yourself and have trust, focus and accountability.

    Sift out the unnecessary ingredients and put your energy into one package that you can build on.  Scattered energy and too many ‘great ideas’ I have found in the past never works.

    Build on an unhurried foundation.  Have a grounded plan.  Then start with step one.

    What’s the change you’d love to make or see in the world?

    I would love to continue being a part of changing the way we currently live and co-create homes that heal.

    To hold hands with the kids in lifting the energy vibration in schools, classrooms spaces and their bedroom spaces. Planting seeds to create future schools that merge with nature, invite self-worth, wellness, inquiry… belonging.

    A space to ask questions and explore other possibilities for better ways to live and learn.

    For where we ‘shop’ and ‘work’ to be spaces of integrity, intention, sustainability.

    To create spaces of visual delight, embraced with aroma, sound, joy and purpose.

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    Kate James

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    Kate James is an author, coach and mindfulness teacher. She works with female leaders and business owners to help them clarify their values and strengths and discover a mindset that allows them to live confident, purposeful lives.