Following are a few quality programs Kate personally recommends.

The Foundations of Wellbeing

Rick Hanson is a neuropsychologist and best selling author and I admire his work immensely. The Foundations of Wellbeing course aims to instil more happiness, self-worth, resilience, love, and peace into your brain and your life. This twelve-month program will focus on the twelve pillars of well being, developing one pillar each month for the year to come.

Join Rick’s program here.

Becoming a Coach

Julie Parker, who is a friend and former client, opened her Beautiful You Coaching Academy in 2014. Within just months of launching this business she had filled every space and had to open up new programs. This is a values-based, personal and supportive training program that teaches coaches to work with their clients in a heart-centred, authentic way.

The Wellbeing Corner

Catherine Morey-Nase runs wonderful meditation classes and mindful hikes for women in and around Melbourne.

Madam Heap

Carrie and Mandy run meditation and mindfulness classes in Middle Park.



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